Brochures and Other Collateral

  • VIQ Satellite: Our simple but sophisticated software that takes multi-channel digital audio/video capture to the next level
  • VIQ EnConnect: Secure audio-video capture and collaboration app for iPhone and Android smartphones
  • VIQ ICM Tool: Integrates VIQ Satellite software with case management databases for one-touch customized recording
  • VIQ Media Manager: Search, playback, share and transcribe your VIQ recordings with our powerful management software
  • VIQ NetScribe: Our groundbreaking secure web-based transcription workflow
  • VIQ AccessPOINT: VIQ's secure, collaborative web portal
  • VIQ Police brochure: VIQ's integrated solutions for police and law enforcement
  • Police Case Study: Learn how VIQ helps an Indianapolis PD get courty-ready with secure AV interview recording
  • VIQ Courts brochure: Digital audio, video and evidence capture and management for the courts
  • Court Case Study: VIQ modernizes digital evidence capture and management in 200 courtrooms across Scotland

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