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In today’s high-tech world, a lot of learning takes place outside the classroom. Many colleges and universities now provide online-only courses. Others offer a hybrid “mixed/flipped” class that offers some sessions in a classroom with additional sessions taking place online. Either way, VIQ has you covered.

Our collaborative VIQ AccessPOINT portal lets students and educators share audio, video, interactive whiteboards, course notes, assignments, presentations and more. VIQ AccessPOINT is available to authorized users through a standard web browser, so no additional hardware or software is required.

Our simple yet sophisticated capture software creates a high-quality audio-video recording of your class or presentation for students to review on their own schedule. You can add integrated text information, such as links to additional reading, or even add attachments like assignments or presentations. All the audio, video and files can be automatically routed to the VIQ AccessPOINT server as a single complete package, making it instantly available for students.

Key Considerations for Education

Absolutely. Granular management controls let administrators assign access to specific recordings and files on a user-by-user basis, meaning only authorized students, TAs or professors can access materials. Integrated data analytics let you monitor and review all activity on the system: when a user logged in, what material they accessed, what device they used and where they logged in from.

VIQ offers flexible hosting and management options for VIQ AccessPOINT. VIQ can host and manage the portal infrastructure for you, you can host your own, or we can use a third-party cloud-based option. The choice is yours.

Instead of hunting through a folder of hundreds of recordings trying to locate the one recording you need, VIQ has a better way.

VIQ's database infrastructure ensures that you can search on a wide range of recording information, such as date/time, professor name, etc., in order to easily locate your files. You can even search on partial matches, so as long as you remember anything at all about the recording, you'll be able to find it.

VIQ's AccessPOINT web portal lets you assign access to each recording, so when students log in they will only see the recordings and data that is relevent to their classes.

The VIQ education solution provides the ability to add digital content like photos, videos, presentations, assignments, and more. If it's a file that can be opened on a computer, you can attach it. These "multimedia" attachments receive the same secure, tamper-proof treatment as the recorded audio and video files, ensuring that they are a complete, secure file.

These files can be transferred, along with the audio/video recording, to the VIQ AccessPOINT portal where they can be accessed and shared by authorized students and teachers.

We take the security of your digital audio, video and attachments very seriously. Our sophisticated security measures includes protecting files via encryption, a unique serial number system that identifies every node that accesses the files, advanced audit trails, and more.

Similar protocols are in place when it comes to archiving your digital media. Anytime the files associated with a record are moved, they are exposed to the possibility of malicious activity. VIQ ensures that the files are kept secure by encrypting all files during transit.

Our VIQ AccessPOINT portal also offers built-in audit logs and data analytics to track activity.

With our innovative database structure, VIQ can support any language. Our built-in language profiles can be quickly applied by the operator, allowing them to work in the language best suited for them. We have already translated our software into a dozen languages around the world, and can quickly and easily add yours.