VIQ EnConnect smartphone app

Secure anytime, anywhere AV capture and collaboration for Android and iPhone

VIQ EnConnect provides encrypted anytime, anywhere audio-video capture and collaboration for VIQ Solutions customers. Record videos, add notes, and share with other authorized users like friends, colleagues or professors. Your important data is protected by our industry-leading security and data privacy protocols.

The audio, video and associated data is securely streamed to the VIQ AccessPOINT web portal for secure browser-based access and collaboration with other authorized users.

The entire capture process is securely encrypted using sophisticated algorithms that meet the highest cybersecurity and privacy standards, including HIPAA and PIPEDA.

  • Provides anytime, anywhere digital AV capture of interviews, evidence, training/competency and more
  • Enables timestamped text notes that highlight key moments during recording
  • Encrypts your audio and video data to ensure that your files are kept private and secure at all stages
  • Synchronizes captured videos and notes to VIQ AccessPOINT servers (cloud or fixed) for secure web-based access
  • Includes integrated questionnaire options for complete training and assessment workflows

The VIQ EnConnect app is free to download, but requires purchase of a VIQ subscription package prior to use.

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VIQ EnConnect
VIQ EnConnect is the ideal app for:
Remote Interviews
AV Evidence Collection
Learning Assessment
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