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VIQ Solutions offers a sophisticated digital recording solutions for clients who want a verbatim record of their meetings or hearings that is easy to store, search and share.

VIQ lets you attach an digital file to your audio/video recording. Multimedia attachments like presentations, action plans, minutes, attendance, etc., all become an integrated part of the record. You can also make synchronized text annotations that can aid in transcription or the creation of minutes. Records can be easily shared among authorized users, either through VIQ's sophisticated network or by a simple export to disk.

Since many meetings or hearings occur in remote or off-site locations, we offer a range of portable solutions that can be easily transported between locations. These solutions can be independent, standalone solutions or integrated as part of a larger networked installation.

Key Considerations for Hearings

Instead of hunting through a folder of hundreds of recordings trying to locate the one recording you need, VIQ has a better way.

VIQ's database infrastructure ensures that you can search on a wide range of case information, such as meeting number, agenda, presiding chair or member, date/time, etc., in order to easily locate your recordings. You can even search by annotation. We even work with partial matches, so as long as you remember anything at all about the recording, you'll be able to find it.

No matter if you're searching one standalone workstation or a national network of dozens of servers, all the previously recorded audio, video and other digital media evidence is right there at your fingertips.

You already have a case management system, why not put it to better use? VIQ's recording software can integrate with any third-party case management system to give you a customized recording with no data re-entry. VIQ uses the information already entered in your case management database, such as case number, scheduled date/time, presiding judge and other participants, and copies it into your recording, saving you the time, effort and risk of data re-entry.

We can provide seamless integration with existing case management systems using various methods including: web service, stored procedures, view or queries. We have already integrated our solutions with leading case management systems including CM/ECF, Tyler Odyssey, Maximus and more.

VIQ goes the extra mile by providing not only the normal case management integration to download case records into our products, but also provides the ability for our products to upload case records back to the case management system if so desired.

Some courts need to provide written transcripts of all proceedings, other courts need to provide transcripts in case of appeals. Either way, VIQ has you covered.

Transcriptionists on your network can use our powerful Media Manager utility to playback their recording. Media Manager allows a transcriptionist to search any server or workstation on the server and playback the audio, video and view any associated digital media evidence. Media Manager supports USB footpedals and offers hotkey-controlled independent volume and speed controls.

If you're worried about your transcriptionists getting access to files they aren't supposed to – don't be. VIQ's advanced user credentials controls ensure that they will only have access to the recordings you want them to be able to see.

For remote transcriptionists, you can quickly and easily burn a CD that contains the audio, video and evidence of cases you want transcribed. Each CD comes with a copy of our free VIQ player so no additional software is required. The free player also supports footpedals and multi-channel playback and is available as a 24/7 free download on our website.

Larger installations with sophisticated transcription needs may be interested in our NetScribe solution, a web-based transcription workflow that allows transcriptionists to download audio via the Internet

In 1998, the US Congress amended the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to require Federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities, ensuring that disabled employees and members of the public have the same access to information as is available to others. As it relates to software, the act specifies regulations such as alternative keyboard navigation (essential for people with vision impairments who cannot rely on pointing devices such as a mouse), animated displays, and color and contrast settings, among others.

All of VIQ's solutions are in compliance with Section 508 regulations. Our software is designed to be operated entirely via keyboard through the use of customizable hotkeys, and our simplified, high-contrast interface uses large, easily identifiable fas.

For a complete record, you need to have all the evidence at your fingertips. With VIQ, you can add any digital file and have it instantly become part of your completed record: photos, emails, scanned documents, PDFs, file logs, spreadsheets, and so on. If it's a file that can be opened on a computer, you can attach it. These multimedia attachments receive the same secure, tamper-proof treatment as your audio and video files, ensuring that they are a complete, secure file. You can even search your records by the attachment.

We take the security of your digital media evidence very seriously. Our sophisticated security measures included protecting files via encryption, a unique serial number system that identifies every node that accesses the files, hijack-resistant via distributed structure, advanced audit trails, and more.

Our audit trail includes over 125 parameters, allowing you to track a file from the moment it enters your system. Every time the file was moved, everyone who accessed it, if any changes were made... the information is at your fingertips. Every time anything is done to a case record many parameters are recorded which fully characterize what was done, by whom and when along with many other factors. This provides a robust track record associated with that specific case record.

Similar protocols are in place when in comes to archiving your digital media evidence. Anytime the files associated with a case record are moved, they are exposed to the possibility of malicious activity. VIQ ensures that the files are kept securing by encrypting all files during transit.

Our sophisticated user credentials let you control which features and functions users can access. Don't want an operator to be able to delete files? No problem. Want to limit access to a file to a specific group of users? No problem. VIQ's sophisticated technology lets you secure and keep private sensitive records such as juvenile records by restricting access to a custom group of users that you select.

Even if your files were accessed by malicious means, our triple+ layers of network redundancy via dual recordings, in addition to storage to hard drive, mid-tier server and central server, ensure that you have multiple, authenticated backup copies.

It is easy to fall into the trap that “well, I copied my files to another drive, now I'm safe.” But are you really? If challenged in court, can you guarantee that your backup files are exactly the same as the originals?

VIQ's unique synchronization process is unlike any other transfer method. We go a step beyond our competitors to certify that the source and destination are exact copies of one another and produce a transfer log that proves the veracity of the copied files. Every packet of a captured record is digitally signed and compared to certify that the source and destination copies are exact copies. This digital signature is maintained and ensures accurate files throughout the record's life.

Unique to the VIQ synchronization process is the amount of metadata regarding the specifics of the synchronization that is securely maintained. This metadata is invaluable if a court challenge were to arise. The robustness and extra veracity associated with the synchronization ensures court data can be trusted as original.

Any time the files associated with a case record are moved, they are exposed to the possibility of malicious activity. VIQ ensures that that cannot happen by encrypting all files during transit.

What's more, the synchronization process can occur automatically, with no input required by the user. This automated redundancy happens in near-real time, given you a completely backed up record (including all your audio, video and any other digital media evidence) within seconds of the case being finished. Our networked solution provides not only a centralized for authorized access and collaboration, but also authenticated redundancy.

Our synchronization process “trickles” the file over the network, consuming only what is required of network bandwidth. Other transfer methods will fail completely if a network fault occurs and will start the transfer again from the beginning when re-started. The VIQ synchronizers will continue from the last know good transfer point, so even a network interruption will not but your backup routine at risk.