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VIQ lets legislatures around the world capture and publish audio, video and written transcripts. VIQ's legislature solution provides innovative features like built-in transcription workflow, scheduled recordings and support for multiple languages.

Transcription is key to legislatures and VIQ automates the transcription process, automatically delivering the audio and notes to your transcriptionists. To decrease your turnaround time, VIQ can segment the audio into "takes" of customizable length, sharing the workload between multiple transcriptionists. A range of customizable administrative reports keeps you informed on user productivity and workload.

A backup logger utility runs 24/7 in the background for automated redundancy, which can be easily integrated with the main recording capture system, ensuring you never miss a minute.

A portable version of the recording system is also available for traveling committees.

Key Considerations for Legislatures

Instead of hunting through a folder of hundreds of recordings trying to locate the one recording you need, VIQ has a better way.

VIQ's database infrastructure ensures that you can search on a wide range of case information, such as date/time, etc., in order to easily locate your recordings. You can even search on annotations or partial matches, so as long as you remember anything at all about the recording, you'll be able to find it.

No matter if you're searching one mobile system or a network of recorders, all the audio, video and other digital media evidence is right there at your fingertips.

VIQ's NetScribe solution provides an intergrated, intuitive transcription workflow and reporting solution for legislatures.

Because NetScribe is web-based, your transcriptionists can be working onsite or at home. For faster turnaround time, NetScribe can divide recordings into multiple “takes” of customizable length, allowing multiple transcriptionists to be working on the same recordings simultaneously. NetScribe supports multi-channel playback, footpedal control, and has independent speed and volume controls to facilitate the transcription process. Various reporting options allow you to view activity of each typist.

NetScribe is not a simple FTP transfer, using worktype identifiers to segregate work within your transcriptionist pool. The entire transcription process includes up to three levels of editing/revision and is audited so you can see exactly what stage your transcript is at, as well as who's been working on it and for how long.

In 1998, the US Congress amended the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to require Federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities, ensuring that disabled employees and members of the public have the same access to information as is available to others. As it relates to software, the act specifies regulations such as alternative keyboard navigation (essential for people with vision impairments who cannot rely on pointing devices such as a mouse), animated displays, and color and contrast settings, among others.

All of VIQ's solutions are in compliance with Section 508 regulations. Our software is designed to be operated entirely via keyboard through the use of customizable hotkeys, and our simplified, high-contrast interface uses large, easily identifiable fas.

It is easy to fall into the trap of “well, I copied my files to another drive, now I'm safe.” But are you really? If challenged in court, can you guarantee that your backup files are exactly the same as the originals?

VIQ's unique synchronization process is unlike any other transfer method. We go a step beyond our competitors to certify that the source and destination are exact copies of one another and produce a transfer log that proves the veracity of the copied files. Every packet of a captured record is digitally signed and compared to certify that the source and destination copies are exact copies. This digital signature is maintained and ensures accurate files throughout the record's life.

Unique to the VIQ synchronization process is the amount of metadata regarding the specifics of the synchronization that is securely maintained. This metadata is invaluable if a court challenge were to arise. The robustness and extra veracity associated with the synchronization ensures court data can be trusted as original.

Any time the files associated with a case record are moved, they are exposed to the possibility of malicious activity. VIQ ensures that that cannot happen by encrypting all files during transit.

What's more, the synchronization process can occur automatically, with no input required by the user. This automated redundancy happens in near-real time, given you a completely backed up record (including all your audio, video and any other digital media evidence) within seconds of the case being finished. Our networked solution provides not only a centralized for authorized access and collaboration, but also authenticated redundancy.

Our synchronization process “trickles” the file over the network, consuming only what is required of network bandwidth. Other transfer methods will fail completely if a network fault occurs and will start the transfer again from the beginning when re-started. The VIQ synchronizers will continue from the last know good transfer point, so even a network interruption will not but your backup routine at risk.

Digital media evidence goes beyond audio and video capture. For a complete record, especially in a standing committee, additional information may be presented that relates to the hearing. These attachments can be indexed to the recording for easy future access. The VIQ Legislature solution provides the ability to add digital content which becomes part of the record: photos, emails, scanned documents, PDFs, file logs, spreadsheets, and so on. If it's a file that can be opened on a computer, you can attach it. These "multimedia" attachments receive the same secure, tamper-proof treatment as the recorded audio and video files, ensuring that they are a complete, secure file.

We take the security of your digital audio, video and attachments very seriously. Our sophisticated security measures included protecting files via encryption, a unique serial number system that identifies every node that accesses the files, hijack-resistant via distributed structure, advanced audit trails, and more.

Our audit trail includes over 125 parameters, allowing you to track a file from the moment it enters your system. Audits events include when it was recorded, who initiated the recording, when it was transferred, when it was accessed and by whom and if there were changes made to the annotations. Every time the file was moved, everyone who accessed it, if any changes were made... the information is at your fingertips. This provides a robust track record associated with that specific case record.

Similar protocols are in place when in comes to archiving your digital media evidence. Anytime the files associated with a case record are moved, they are exposed to the possibility of malicious activity. VIQ ensures that the files are kept securing by encrypting all files during transit.

Our sophisticated user credentials let you control which features and functions users can access. Don't want an operator to be able to delete files? No problem. Want to limit access to a file to a specific group of users? No problem. VIQ's sophisticated technology lets you secure and keep private sensitive records by restricting access to a custom group of users that you select.

Even if your files were accessed by malicious means, our triple+ layers of network redundancy via dual recordings, in addition to storage to hard drive, mid-tier server and central server, ensure that you have multiple, authenticated backup copies.

Managing large groups of users can be a daunting task. VIQ's sophisticated database structure lets you manage users quickly and efficiently, protecting your data and keeping your system up to date.

Maintaining a constantly changing database of users requires a fast and secure connection to user credentials. This is best achieved by tapping into the customer's user credentials database, such as Microsoft Active Directory. When a user leaves your organization, those credentials can immediately be de-activated to preserve the security of any records that they had access to. This near-real time update protects the data integrity and does not leave an opportunity for unauthorized changes to occur.

Our sophisticated user credentials also give you control over which features and functions users can access. Don't want an operator to be able to delete files? No problem. Want to limit access to a file to a specific group of users? No problem. VIQ's sophisticated technology lets you secure and keep private sensitive records such as private records by restricting access to a custom group of users that you select.

If necessary certain "in camera" recordings can be sealed making it unavailable to anyone to access. Additional functionality allows those with the proper credentials to select a specific portion of the recording and make only that portion available for transcription. A redaction function even provides authorized users to redact one or more portions of the recording thus ensuring that certain segments of the recording cannot be transcribed while at the same time ensuring that the original recording is never compromised.

With advanced searches across multiple workstations and servers, accessibility is crucial. VIQ offers a secure authorization matrix that controls who has access to what case records for search and retrieval purposes.

Over 100 countries around the world recognize more than one official language. It's important that all your operations and transcriptionists can work in the language most comfortable for them. To be truly national solution, your software needs to be flexible.

With our innovative database structure, VIQ can support any language. Our built-in language profiles can be quickly applied by the operator, allowing them to work in the language best suited for them. We have already translated our software into a dozen languages around the world, and can quickly and easily add yours.