VIQ SatCon smartphone app

Secure VIQ Satellite control via simplified smartphone interface

VIQ SatCon provides mobile remote control of VIQ’s industry leading digital AV capture and management software from a simplified smartphone interface. The secure smartphone app integrates with VIQ Satellite for simple mobile control of multiple channels of digital audio and video in multiple rooms.

Once authorized, operators can start, pause or stop capture, or schedule automated recording for the room using the simplified VIQ SatCon interface. Operators can also make live voice notes and annotations that are automatically converted to text and integrated with the recording.

VIQ SatCon was designed with the same cybersecurity and privacy standards that have made VIQ the industry leader in secure digital capture and management solutions.

  • Enables control of multiple VIQ Satellite AV recording rooms via simplified smartphone interface
  • Securely scans and connects to the VIQ Satellite recording room using intelligent workflow
  • Allows advanced scheduling of recording for automated capture control
  • Encrypts and authenticates all connections to ensure the ultimate in security and privacy
  • Makes live speech to text notes that are synchronized and integrated with the recording
  • Integrates with existing VIQ Satellite software and infrastructure

The VIQ SatCon app is free to download, but requires purchase of a VIQ subscription package prior to use.

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VIQ SatCon
VIQ SatCon is the ideal app for:
Police Interrogation Rooms
Surgery Rooms
and more
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