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What We Do

A simple tape machine can give you a "record." At VIQ, we do things differently. We are focused not just on audio recording, but on digital media evidence as a whole: any relevant information that is stored or transmitted in digital form, including audio, video, emails, photographs, logs, and more. We view digital media evidence as a secure, collaborative tool that can improve productivity, security and accessibility for such diverse customers as the courts, police/law enforcement, medical facilities, and more.

Our simple but sophisticated software uses powerful database technology to take multi-channel digital audio/video capture to the next level. Advanced features like indexed multimedia attachments, powerful search capabilities, integration with third-party databases, automated fixed/cloud centralized storage, granular user customization and unmatched security let you control the capture, workflow and collaboration of your digital AV recordings.

Imagine a recording that you can access 24 hours a day, even over a standard web browser. Imagine a record that you can efficiently share with those you want to share it with, quickly and easily. Imagine a complete record: audio, video, notes and other digital attachments, treated as a singular file that is protected, searchable, audited and secure.

Standalone interface
Just need standalone capture?
VIQ offers a range of simple but sophisticated standalone capture and management solutions for smaller courts and interview rooms. Click here to learn more.

VIQ has spent over 25 years on the cutting edge of the collection and management of complete digital media evidence records. Here are some of the things we do to make those records work for you.

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Audio and Video Capture

A crucial part of digital media evidence is audio and video recording. VIQ supports independent multi-channel digital audio capture through a wide selection of capture devices, including external USB boxes or internal capture cards.

Confidence monitoring, visual cues and audible alarms let you be confident that your audio is being captured at appropriate, usable levels. VIQ uses a unique compression algorithm to keep your audio files at a high quality but a small file size.

Audio files are recorded in a proprietary format for security and file integrity, but can be easily exported to a user-friendly MP3 or WAV format for public sharing. Our free player can also be used to playback VIQ files anywhere, anytime.

VIQ also works with a wide range of video capture devices: USB web cameras, IP cameras, video surveillance systems, even HD telepresence systems. We are dedicated to offering cutting-edge video capabilities and are always pushing our solutions to offer the best possible video technology available. Our video solutions have been proven in real-world environments and have captured tens of thousands of hours of video.

We use industry-preferred video encoding standards like h.264, AAC, and MP4 to ensure our media can be played from wide array of open source video players. We support video capture from a wide array of video capture cards and IP cameras. Our video capabilities are extremely flexible and allow us to meet our clients’ video needs from individual web camera capture to enterprise wide HD capture from up to six camera sources per session.

The ability to integrate with a telepresence system has infinite possibilities. A court can implement remote arraignment, saving money on transportation and infrastructure costs while at the same time increasing the safety and security of the court. Doctors can remote-conference with patients or other doctors for expert consultations. With high-definition telepresence units, it's just like being in the same room. Notes and files can easily be shared over VIQ's software interface and the audio, video and files are all stored together as one complete digital record of events.

  • Digigram PCX
  • PreSonus Audiobox
  • Microsoft Web Cam
  • Surveillence Camera
  • Telepresence

Sophisticated File Management

A record doesn't do you much good if you can't do anything with it. You need to be able to locate those files when you need them, share them with the people who need access, and makes sure that the records are secure and protected. VIQ's unique database technology makes it easier to search, share and secure your files. VIQ's sophisticated networking capabilities are where we truly excel. VIQ's solutions manage country-wide capture and management, processing terabytes of data from hundreds of locations across the country simultaneously.

Say you need to pull up a file from a few months ago. Don't remember exactly when that recording was made? That's okay. Don't remember the file name? That's okay too. We'll find it. VIQ's advanced database technology makes it incredibly easy to locate recordings. We offer a wide range of search criteria, including partial matches, so as long as you remember anything about the recording, you'll be able to find it, quick and easy, no matter if you're running one workstation or one thousand.

Our database structure also makes it easy to manage the backup and security of your records, no matter how big you are. Unlike other backup methods, VIQ's automated synchronizers certify that the source and destination are exact copies, produce a transfer log that proves the veracity of the files and is completely network fault-tolerant. VIQ has customers running in excess of 500 workstations smoothly and efficiently, sharing audio, video and other evidence across the secure network while VIQ's technology takes care of the backup and archiving.

Cloud Storage Technology

Cloud storage technology offers a critical answer to storing digital data in a way that provides for secure universal data access. The logical storage aspect provides for spanning multiple physical storage devices that better protects critical data from loss. But what about securing it?

VIQ ensures that you are working with a secure application that provides numerous data protection mechanisms and provides secure movement of data to and from cloud storage. VIQ is the expert in deterrent, preventative, detective and corrective controls, ensuring that your crucial data is kept private and secure.

File Integration

Multiple file formats

Digital media evidence is more than just audio and video capture. You need to be able to make everything part of your official record: photos, emails, scanned documents, log files, PDFs, any bit of pertinent information. With VIQ, you can. Any electronic file can be attached to the case file and become part of the official record. You can even search your records by the attachment, and any authorized user who has access to the records will also have access to the attachments.

These attachments remain part of the file as it moves through the system, you never have to worry about forgetting any pieces. The complete record moves through the system and receives the same secure, tamper-proof treatment as your audio and video files.

Privacy and Security

Our advanced database technology efficiently manages thousands of users and our unmatched security protocols track all activity across the system, all day, every day, ensuring your data is secure, private and protected.

That's not all our database can do. Through advanced user credentials, you can control which features and functions users can access. Don't want an operator to be able to delete files? No problem. Want to limit access to a file to a specific group of users? No problem. VIQ's sophisticated technology lets you secure and keep private sensitive records such as juvenile records or patient files by restricting access to a custom group of users that you select. VIQ's audit logs track all activity on the system so every time a file is created, accessed, or deleted, it gets logged. We use top of the line privacy controls that comply with local and international privacy and medical protocol and usability standards such as HIPPA and 508. You can be confident that your secure, confidential records are exactly that: secure and confidential.

Customizable Interfaces

There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to VIQ's recording solutions. A court has different needs than a police station. A district court has different needs than a bankruptcy court. Even two bankruptcy courts can have different needs.

With VIQ, we pride ourself on being flexible. Our software comes with over 20 built-in front-end profiles that have been specifically designed to match the language and terminology around your organization, including multiple court profiles, police interview/interrogation, legislatures, hearings, health organizations, insurance investigations, and more. We can help you customize the software even further so that you get the exact look and feel that you want. Every field, every string on our software is customizable, right down to the last letter.

The same flexibility allows us to run our software in any language. So far, VIQ software has been translated into French, Chinese, Arabic and Spanish, and we are always open to more.

Case and Data Management integration

You're already using a case/records management system, why not put it to better use? VIQ's recording software can integrate with any third-party case management system to give you a customized recording with no data re-entry. VIQ uses the information already entered in your case management database, such as case number, scheduled date/time, presiding judge and other participants, and copies it into your recording, saving you the time, effort and risk of data re-entry.

Ideal for fast-paced environments, VIQ's case management tool lets you prepare your case lists in advance, then be ready to instantly start recording when a case is called, and the next case, and the next case. Hotkeys help speed the process. You get all the speed and convenience of one-click recording while maintaining the benefits of a fully annotated recording, such as easy searchability.

VIQ takes a “hands-off” approach to your case management system so at no point is your case management data at risk, but if you want two-way integration VIQ can go the extra mile by providing the ability to upload case records back to the case management system.

VIQ has already integrated with many leading case management systems, as you can see to the right. If your case management system is not on the listen, don't worry. Integration is fast and easy. Contact us and we'll get in touch with your case management provider to get the process started.

VIQ has integrated with many popular case management systems:

Remote Access and Control

Remote Management

You don't always want to be in the same room as your recording equipment. VIQ's unique remote capabilities let you determine how and where your recording is monitored and controlled.

You don't always have the resources to have an operator for every single room in your organization. You don't have to. Our remote control technology allows a single operator to monitor and control capture in up to eight rooms simultaneously, all from the same workstation. The operator can monitor audio and video feeds from each room, and control recording and makes notes as required.

Maybe you just want a second pair of eyes on a proceedings or an interview. We can do that too. Multiple operators can be monitoring the same proceedings at the same time, each witnessing the live audio and video from their separate workstations.

Data Analytics

Knowing how your VIQ system is used increases your efficiency and improves your workflow processes. In all our solutions, VIQ provides detailed, administrator-level audit logs that track all activity across the system from start to finish: when a user logged in and from where, the files they accessed, what other activities they performed, when they logged out. This information not only helps secure your important data, but also gives you key insight into how the system is being used and what activities are key to your workflow.

Data analytics flow through our web-based collaborative solutions as well. VIQ NetScribe administrators, for instance, can track how long a transcriptionist typically works on a recording. VIQ AccessPOINT admins can see when the network is busiest and which files have been viewed the most by which users.

These examples are just the beginning. Data analytics identify patterns and trends that can help business managers plan and make better business and staffing decisions. VIQ’s powerful database analytics harness the full power of your VIQ system, giving you a granular understanding of your user base and workflow processes.

Online Access and Streaming

In today's 24/7 world, you need access to your evidence anytime, anywhere. VIQ's advanced AccessPOINT Portal gives you secure, password-protected access to audio, video and attachments from any computer with an Internet connection. No proprietary software required. You can access files from your office, your home, even your smartphone. The evidence you need is always at your fingertips.

AccessPOINT allows users to share comments and notes on recordings, allowing authorized parties to collaborate on a project without requiring any additional software. At the same time, the original copy of the recording is kept secure and protected. The contents of the portal are protected by multiple levels of encryption and you control which users have access to which recordings.

Complete Transcription Workflows

Accuracy, speed and security are crucial when processing your transcriptions. That’s why VIQ's NetScribe solution has been designed and developed to meet all your transcription workflow needs from start to finish.

Because NetScribe is web-based, your transcriptionists can be working onsite or at home. For faster turnaround time, NetScribe can divide your recording into multiple “takes” of customizable length, allowing multiple transcriptionists to be working on the same recordings simultaneously. NetScribe supports multi-channel playback, footpedal control, and has independent speed and volume controls to facilitate the transcription process.

NetScribe is not a simple FTP transfer. Our unique worktype technology lets your quickly determine which transcriptionist pool have access to the recording, for example only those with a certain security clearance. The entire transcription process is audited so you can see exactly what stage your transcript is at, as well as who's been working on it and for how long.

Easy, simple interface

Simple interface

You would think with all these features and functionality, our interface would be complicated and scary. But it isn't. We function on a "set it and forget it" idea, where you feature the tools you use all the time, hide the things you don't want to see, and the rest are readily available when you call on them.

A sleek, modern interface with standard, user-friendly buttons and controls and a completely customizable interface with windows that can be pinned anywhere on the screen you like. You control the layout and in minutes you'll have mastered the capture process.

And more...

These features are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what VIQ can do. Best of all, you get to choose the features and functions you need. If you don't do transcription, we take that option out. If you're running a standalone system, there's no need to see anything related to the network. But if you change your mind later, it's a snap to add that functionality back on.

Find out what makes us different and how we do digital media evidence better than anyone else.