Spark and Cannon Completes Rebrand to VIQ Solutions
Spark and Cannon, Australia’s leading recording and transcript provider, has been an integral part of the VIQ Solutions family for nearly 17 years, but has not formally carried the VIQ Solutions brand. With the rebrand, Spark and Cannon will become VIQ Solutions.
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NetScribe™: AI-Powered Transcription Platform
Transform your transcription workflow by combining human expertise and AI technology to create a collaborative experience that drives speed and efficiency.
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Transform your digital content into actionable information.
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VIQ Solutions combines artificial intelligence (AI)-driven voice and video capture technology and services to securely manage digital content in the most rigid security environments including legal, criminal justice, insurance, government, corporate finance, and media.

We can help you securely speed the capture, creation, and management of large volumes of information, preserve the unique value of the spoken word and video image, and deliver meaningful data you can use.

Our exceptional leaders, with more than 30 years of industry experience, use their in-depth market specific knowledge to ensure our teams create timely, accurate documents. Our advanced digital technologies enable efficiency gains of 30 to 50 percent over manual processes, with complete confidentiality. Our people, processes, and technologies combine to provide complete satisfaction for our clients.


Successful resolution of legal cases can rest entirely on the accuracy and trustworthiness of recorded interviews, statements, and information.

VIQ offers a unique combination of deep legal and government experience, solution deployments in tens of thousands of courtrooms in some 25 countries, and comprehensive protection of confidential, personal, and private information.

Criminal Justice

You need to capture interviews, evidence, and information anytime, anyplace, from anyone.

VIQ’s innovative solutions let law enforcement officials and agencies capture what they need accurately, document it rapidly, and protect it effectively, from individual or multiple speakers, even in the most challenging environments.


You capture, transcribe, and document tremendous volumes of information.

You need fast, accurate, transcriptions that meet exacting industry standards and can meet sudden surges in demand. VIQ offers a unique combination of technologies and services informed by decades of experience in the insurance industry, a combination that promises successful resolution of even the most daunting challenges.


You need fast, accurate, and cost-effective text production services for government and political coverage.

We have over 26 years of experience transcribing both public official source material and highly confidential internal recordings for government institutions and other political constituencies.

Corporate Finance

Our operations produce financial coverage 24/7/365 in a variety of languages and formats to suit your needs.

We are skilled at converting Corporate and Financial webcasts into actionable content that can be reviewed, searched, archived and filed for regulatory compliance purposes.


Industry leading suite of solutions and services to manage confidential content securely and produce Media and Broadcast coverage 24/7/365.

Our experienced team creates high-quality transcripts for as-broadcast transcription, pre-feed transcription, B-roll logging, rush from-air transcripts when the PR team needs to communicate breaking news, and more.

Transcription Services

To be of maximum business benefit and value, you must be accurate, fast, flexible, secure, economical, and completely reliable.

VIQ Transcription Services has decades of experience working successfully with client companies of every type and size, and can tailor an engagement that meets almost any need, on time and within budget.

The VIQ Solutions Group of Companies

VIQ’s artificial intelligence and digital workflow solutions address our clients’ data capture, transcription outsource, and technology modernization challenges.

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VIQ Solutions Reports Third Quarter Results, Solidifies Growth Platform for Next Level

“We significantly increased productivity, added new clients, expanded existing client volume, and launched new products to support a remote workforce. All of which contributed to a strong financial performance, including gross margin expansion. This success positions us well for 2021 when we expect to generate significant top-line growth, and positive net income and earnings per share,” said Sebastien Paré, VIQ Solutions’ President and CEO.


Digital Transformation and Law Enforcement

Over the past several decades, criminal justice and law enforcement agencies have implemented an array of technological advancements to improve operational efficiency and outcomes– especially in times of diminished resources and enhanced public attention on, and scrutiny of, law enforcement activity.

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