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Explore how a connected solution enhances your workflow and increases productivity. With VIQ, record high-quality audio, transcribe speech to text, and collaborate with colleagues on your important documentation.

VIQ delivers faster and more accurate content while securely protecting confidential information. Increase transcript accuracy while reducing service costs and turnaround. VIQ professional technology solutions provide much-needed digitized innovation to the industry.

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Industries VIQ Supports

VIQ’s connected solution enhances workflow and productivity across industries. Benefit from faster, more accurate content, reduced costs, shortened turnaround times, and increased transcript accuracy.


VIQ has solution deployments in tens of thousands of courtrooms in over 25 countries and more than 30 years of experience creating transcripts for legal matters with speed, accuracy, and reliability.

Law Firms

Enhance your legal case preparation and reduce complexity and costs with secure, accurate evidence documentation and management.

Criminal Justice

VIQ’s innovative solutions enable law enforcement officials and public safety agencies to easily capture interviews and transform evidence into transcripts, even in the most challenging environments.


With decades of experience in the insurance industry, VIQ offers a unique combination of technologies and services that provides comprehensive resolutions for claims and cases.


Over 26 years of experience providing transcription services of public official records and highly confidential recordings for government institutions and political constituencies.

Corporate & Finance

Convert corporate and financial webcasts into actionable content that can be reviewed, searched, archived and filed for regulatory compliance purposes.


Industry leading suite of solutions and services to manage as-broadcast transcription, pre-feed transcription, B-roll logging, rush from-air transcripts when for PR team to communicate.

Transcription Companies

VIQ’s innovative technology platform, powered by AI, creates workflow tools needed to easily and quickly complete a high-quality document while increasing staff productivity and optimising your business.

What Clients Are Saying

Court Administrator
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“I really like the time savings that FirstDraft will have with our backlog of transcripts! FirstDraft reduces the amount of typing our transcriptionists spend prior to and likely during proofreading, which has helped cut down the transcription process and made it more manageable. We are proud to work with you all and we are so excited to use this product.”
Partner at Law Firm
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"FirstDraft has been a tool we have come to utilize on a regular basis. It saves us and our clients time and money. It is the most cost-effective solution we have found that meets our needs. Additionally, customer service is great if we ever run into any issues or questions.”
Police Administrative Lieutenant
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“VIQ Solutions enables our officers’ time to be spent and prioritized more effectively. In addition to improving productivity, we also have seen improved quality and accuracy in the dictation and have appreciated the ease of use and total functionality of the solution.”
Media Content Information Specialist
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"Thank you for the great transcription of our special and news shows last night. I know our ever changing schedule must be difficult to predict sometimes, but we appreciate the work you do and it’s reassuring when you catch the oddities before we do!"
Senior Paralegal for Attorney
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"My attorney said that the transcripts were great. I am very pleased with the turnaround time of FirstDraft, as I received transcripts of nearly 19 hours of recordings within just 2 hours. The AI-generated transcripts are quick and accurate, which make it easier to search and review vs hours of listening to recordings. Setting up the account was simple and the customer service was fantastic. No complaints."
Court Transcriptionist
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“Because of VIQ's help, we have progressed further than I thought we would by now. Courtroom transcription isn’t like any other type of transcribing, but I think NetScribe can fit courtroom transcribing as best as possible and every district in the state will want it."
Legal Assistant
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"FirstDraft has helped us optimize our documentation of depositions, 911 calls, lawyer notes and more. Though we are a smaller law practice, I believe the value can translate to larger firms and have recommended it to several paralegals I know."
Court Administrator
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“I have had the opportunity to work with several staff at VIQ and they have always been professional, friendly and knowledgeable about their product. They are quick to respond and very sensitive to the court process to make sure they are meeting our needs. I would definitely recommend VIQ to other courts.”
Court Transcriptionist
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“It was the best training I have ever received for new software. Our Implementations manager is readily and happily available, which has always been a problem for us in the past."
Police Patrol Lieutenant
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“VIQ Solutions has been an incredible asset to improving the quality, speed and security of our incident reports, interviews and dictations created while in the field. Our officers are pleased with the easy-to-use application that reduces their paperwork—resulting in less time at their desks and more time in the community.”
Legal Secretary
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“VIQ Solutions allows us to upload whatever document we need transcribed and have a very fast turnaround time. We know we can count on this product to be there for us when we need documents in a timely manner and would recommend it to other law firms.”

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