Dictation on the fly.

Imagine having a studio-quality audio recorder at your fingertips, ready for dictation with one tap. Now imagine reading your automatically generated transcript just a few minutes later.


Record your dictation anytime and anywhere. Then, send it off. At the other end, your audio is received by aiAssistTM, VIQ’s artificial intelligence voice-to-text engine. Your file gets converted to text and, just minutes later, your transcript’s sitting in your inbox. Imagine that.


Voice notes and dictation may be new to your workflow. Or perhaps you’re a seasoned pro, ready for a smarter and more practical solution. Either way, MobileMic has been meticulously built to meet your dictation and transcription needs.

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Listen with your eyes

As you record your dictation, a distinct blue glow radiates around the central control button. This glow visibly pulses and changes colour in cadence with your speaking volume.

Too loud, and it glows red. When you see the blue glow extend past the outer ring, your volume and pitch are within the optimal range for aiAssistTM to accurately convert your speech to text.

Decide how you dictate

Before you begin a dictation, MobileMic displays how many hours & minutes of storage are available for your recording.

With that notification, you get to choose which of the three available recording modes best suits your needs: New, Append, or Overwrite.

Also, you can organize your audio recordings to your liking with flexible labels and defaults in the app settings.

Find all your audio recordings in the same location

All your recorded dictations and voice notes are stored in the location you choose in the app settings.

As long as the audio recording is stored on your phone, one tap is all you need to edit, append to, or overwrite the file.

Get your transcription in minutes*

After you submit the audio recording for speech recognition by aiAssistTM, the audio file is locked into the transcription process and is no longer editable.

Within minutes, you will receive an email containing your transcribed dictation.

* Subscription required.

Get MobileMic or MobileMicPRO today to start dictating anytime, anywhere – then get your transcription in minutes!

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