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In the insurance industry, time is money. That’s why insurance companies are constantly seeking ways to offload the time-consuming task of documenting the claims and compensations that are necessary components of arbitrations, subrogations, and fraud detection. While there are many transcription outsourcing options, finding a trusted partner that can deliver the error-free, correctly-formatted documents insurance companies need can be a challenge.

VIQ Transcription Services

More than two decades of experience delighting insurance industry client.

  • Proven abilities to handle high-volume workloads and tight deadlines
  • Rigorous quality standards that produce accurate, verbatim documents in record time
  • A unique combination of an experienced workforce and innovative technologies
  • Decades-long relationships with insurance companies across the United States

MobileMic Pro™

Turns any adjuster’s cell phone into a high-quality audio recorder

  • Capture studio-quality audio anytime, anywhere, using a simple smartphone app
  • Adjusters receive an accurate, automatically generated draft transcript minutes later thanks to aiAssist™, VIQ’s AI-enabled speech-to-text solution
  • Secure online portal enables synchronous review and edit of audio and draft documentation for final distribution
MobileMic Pro Screenshot
Learn how VIQ's Insurance Solutions can produce secure, error-free, verbatim documents that meet exacting industry standards.