Get high-quality recordings, instant access to testimony, and streamlined, secure transcription production

Historically, courts have used stenographers as the predominant method of creating the verbatim records during a trial. This approach has served the courts reasonably well. However, it is unscalable, prone to human error, and creates records that are not easily accessible.

To overcome these limitations, courts are increasingly turning to digital court recording technologies that can be implemented in all their courtrooms. VIQ Solutions has been a global leader in digital evidence capture and documentation creation for nearly three decades, and provides feature-rich digital recording and management solutions to more than 1,200 satisfied clients.


A complete, integrated solution that combines digital audio, video, and evidence capture with automated workflow management

  • Enables multi-channel digital recording that captures every word, tonal variation, gesture, facial expression, and movement
  • Compatible with a wide range of video and audio capture hardware
  • Supports indexed multimedia attachments, powerful search capabilities, integration with case management systems, and multi-room monitoring and control
  • Easy to use, with a single camera and microphone or across hundreds of dispersed courtrooms
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MobileMic Pro™ Justice

Turns any smartphone into a high-quality audio recorder

  • Capture interviews in any deposition room with studio-quality audio, using a simple smartphone application
  • Secure, manage and store intelligible, verbatim information using CapturePro suite of solutions
  • Recordings can be converted into First Draft transcripts via aiAssist™, VIQ’s AI-enabled speech-to-text solution
  • Secure online portal enables the review and edit of draft transcripts for final distribution
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A robust, comprehensive transcription workflow management platform

  • A powerful yet easy-to-use cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution
  • Provides a secure, end-to-end transcription platform for in-house court stenographers or other transcription companies
  • Aids the judicial process by increasing transcriptionist efficiency, improving transcription accuracy, and decreasing turn-around times
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VIQ Transcription Services

More than two decades of experience delighting legal industry clients.

  • Experienced, knowledgeable staff can handle almost any deadline or workload
  • Fast, accurate, secure services seamlessly augment your incumbent transcription resources
  • Aid and support the judicial process effectively and economically
Learn how VIQ's Justice Solutions can capture high-quality recordings, provide instant access to testimony, and streamline transcription production.