Law Enforcement

Document interviews and evidence accurately, from anywhere

Successful resolution of every case depends on recording and the documentation of every relevant interaction, formal or informal, in any location and any language. You need solutions that are fast, accurate, flexible, and secure to strengthen your investigations, increase your case closure rates, and reduce risks.

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VIQ Transcription Services

Fast, accurate, affordable, multi-lingual documentation on demand

  • Transcriptions and translations available in 75+ languages
  • Experienced specialists in multi-speaker interviews, interrogations, and telephone conversations
  • More than 30 million minutes of audio processed each year
  • More than 30 years of experience serving criminal justice and law enforcement clients


CapturePro is a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use solution for capturing high-quality digital audio and video, accurately and securely. Control capture locally or remotely from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, using fixed or mobile multi-channel audio/video hardware. CapturePro is flexible enough to manage audio and video recording in a single interview room, yet powerful enough to manage country-wide deployment of hundreds of capture stations simultaneously.

  • Integrated, digital audio and video capture
  • Accurate recordings from interview rooms, in-car and body cameras, or unmanned aerial or ground-based drones
  • Access recordings and notes from any browser via a secure web-based portal
  • Proven in more than 65,000 rooms in 25 countries

MobileMic Pro™ Law Enforcement

Turn any officer’s smartphone into a high-quality audio recorder.

  • Capture studio-quality audio when and where it is convenient for you, using a simple smartphone application
  • Utilize our experienced transcription services or opt to create transcripts using First Draft services
  • Powered by aiAssist™, VIQ’s AI-enabled speech-to-text solution, that simplifies the incident reporting process so you can focus on more important duties
  • A secure online portal enables the review and edit of audio and draft documentation for final distribution
Learn how VIQ's Law Enforcement Solutions can strengthen your investigations, increase your case closure rates, and reduce risks.