Secure, AI-powered Recordings and Transcripts

Advanced technology to speed capturing and documenting body-worn cameras, jail calls, interviews, dictation.

A proven solution, trusted nationwide.

For more than 25 years, VIQ Solutions has been a global expert in ultra-secure digital evidence capture and transcript workflow management solutions. VIQ provides technology and service platforms to law enforcement, criminal justice, and other government agencies to allow you to focus on more important duties. This blended approach creates a harmonious result of high quality, high efficiency, and highly secure transcription services and solutions with best practices and security at the forefront.

Using secure capture technology and automated transcription solutions paired with a team of highly experienced transcription professionals, we have an outstanding reputation for delivering on-time, high-quality results to law enforcement and criminal justice professionals with large workloads and precise expectations.

Who we help.

Law Enforcement

We are experts in the industry and know exactly what it takes to support you in case resolution. We can provide the fast, accurate, accessible, and secure services you depend on to improve your investigations, drive case closure, and reduce risks.

  • Criminal Investigations
  • Internal Affairs
  • Patrol Operations
  • Jails and Correctional Facilities

Public Defenders and District Attorneys

With investigators working in the field investigating and collecting evidence, time and efficiency are paramount to your cases. We can assist you so you can stay focused on investigations and have the ability to get that evidence documented so that it can be used to close a case.

  • Fire and Arson Investigations
  • Family Protective Services
  • Human Resource Investigations
  • Private Investigations
  • Other Federal, County, and Municipal agencies

What Clients Are Saying

Police Administrative Lieutenant
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“VIQ Solutions enables our officers’ time to be spent and prioritized more effectively. In addition to improving productivity, we also have seen improved quality and accuracy in the dictation and have appreciated the ease of use and total functionality of the solution.”
Police Patrol Lieutenant
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“VIQ Solutions has been an incredible asset to improving the quality, speed and security of our incident reports, interviews and dictations created while in the field. Our officers are pleased with the easy-to-use application that reduces their paperwork—resulting in less time at their desks and more time in the community.”

Technology & Automated Transcription

VIQ Solutions offers a unique, end-to-end technology platform to transform recorded content by combining AI and human expertise to create a collaborative experience that drives speed and efficiency for criminal justice agencies.



As an agile organization, we continuously monitor and maintain all security protocols, to ensure CJIS compliance.

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Cost Savings

Reduce transcription cost when using FirstDraft, our automated transcript solution, while improving turnaround time.


Our secure, online portal simplifies the transfer of information and enables you to remain in complete control of your documents throughout the entire document lifecycle.


We have a team of highly experienced transcriptionists, with a 99% accuracy promise.

Time Savings

Eliminate written or typed notes and easily create a recording of any interaction using our CapturePro Mobile or MobileMic Pro solution.


All transcripts are created by a professional member of our transcription team who is well versed in industry terminology and supported by a quality assurance process.

Learn About Our Products

MobileMic Pro™

Create audio recordings anytime, anywhere.


Use speech recognition to quickly create draft transcripts.


Safeguard and streamline your transcription workflow.

Transcription Services

Accurately transcribe verbatim documents to use as evidence.

Translation Services

Written transcription and translation of foreign language recordings and documents.

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