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Evolving case workflow and collaboration to streamline legal intelligence.

Accelerate your legal case preparation and reduce complexity and costs with secure, accurate evidence documentation and management.
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Capture, streamline, and manage evidentiary data.

Trial preparation is a document-intensive process that creates opportunities for errors and oversights without properly integrating technology to assist with communication and collaboration. Whether a large law firm working on headliner cases or a small law firm looking to scale their operations, digital solutions can streamline case workflow and improve legal outcomes.

VIQ’s industry-leading digital technology for law firms securely captures and manages events, such as legal briefs, testimonies, depositions, dictated notes, affidavits, witness interviews, inmate calls, important legal meetings, recorded hearings, or other legal matters in an accurate, secure, and confidential manner.

VIQ offers solutions to record audio files and transcribe the evidence captured to create high-quality, verbatim transcripts that can be reviewed, edited, and annotated in a timely manner. Our law firm transcription services have been proven accurate, secure, and fast to hundreds of clients across the globe. Transcripts can be generated with 99.9% accuracy by our personnel that are highly skilled in legal language and procedures, or for expedited access to the transcript, our AI-powered solution FirstDraft can provide a draft for review near real-time, at a fraction of the cost. All evidentiary data gathered is securely stored to be reviewed and edited by your legal team remotely in Lexel, optimizing case preparation.

End-to-End Solution

VIQ’s transformational suite, inclusive of services and solutions, is tailored to support law professionals, so they can spend more time on billable activities. As an end-to-end provider, our experience allows us to eliminate the risks involved in using multiple software providers or service agencies. Beginning with the capture process and during the management of your recordings or other evidentiary documents, VIQ has solutions that result in comprehensive case bundles and quick turnaround for transcript delivery. With a history of providing high-quality, accurate evidence and documentation for legal proceedings in high-profile cases and some of the top firms globally, VIQ Solutions minimizes the costs associated with complex litigation.

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Who we help.

Law Firms

We know that law firms handle cases where time is of the essence. Our automated transcription solutions and services can quickly provide a searchable and editable transcript, and our litigation management software ensures your legal team can collaborate and not miss a single detail, decreasing the time it takes you to prepare for court and the costs associated with rework.

Public Defenders and District Attorneys

Regardless of which side of the courtroom you are on, we can support your needs with our automated transcription solutions and evidence management, providing you with efficient documentation and case examination solutions, when time and details matter most.

Find the solution that best fits your needs.

VIQ Solutions offers a unique, end-to-end technology platform to transform recorded content by combining AI and human expertise to create a collaborative experience that drives speed and efficiency for legal professionals.


All data and information are secured while in transit and at rest, and our team is bound to strict confidentiality agreements and protocols.


Our transcription professionals are highly experienced and create transcripts with 99% accuracy, guaranteed.

Cost Effective

Our reliable and professional services and solutions offer unmatched value.


Our online portal simplifies the transfer of information and enables you to remain in complete control of your content throughout the entire workflow.


Our solutions increase accessibility and create searchable, editable and shareable content.


Simplify management and collaboration of case files and evidence.

Lexel litigation software management makes it easy to connect the case team to enable collaboration on key documents, transcripts, insights, themes, and strategies. From the early stages of evaluating a matter to preparing the brief and beyond, Lexel’s toolbox for annotations, full‐text search, reports, messaging, and collaboration helps legal professionals quickly illuminate the most compelling case themes.


Safeguard and streamline your transcription workflow.

If you currently employ in-house transcriptionists, NetScribe is a robust, comprehensive transcription workflow management platform. This powerful yet easy-to-use cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution significantly increases transcriptionist efficiency, decreases turnaround times, and yields higher transcription accuracy.

Transcription Services

Accurately transcribe verbatim documents to use as evidence.

The VIQ Transcription Services team has more than two decades of experience delighting legal industry clients. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff provide fast, accurate, secure services that save you time and money.


Use speech recognition to quickly create draft transcripts.

Our proprietary artificial intelligence platform, aiAssist, automatically generates a draft transcript of audio content in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional services. You can quickly review and edit using a web portal or route to the VIQ Services team for editing and formatting.

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Courts are increasingly turning to digital court recording and documentation technologies that can be implemented in courtrooms, and remotely to manage the large volume of legal records and ease the workload. Download our industry overview flyer to learn more.

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