The Ultimate Transcription Solution for Transcription Companies

Optimize transcript creation, workload management and billing to help scale your business.

All-in-One Transcription Solution

Transcription companies need to securely transcribe large volumes of accurate documentation of interviews, statements, reports, and other content critical to their work. This means they spend valuable time listening to audio, keying into a computer, editing, dealing with handwritten notes – or all four. They need all-in-one software that handles workflow management, QA, and billing and streamlines the process for their transcriptionists.

Transcribe, secure, and manage vast amounts of evidentiary data captured.

NetScribe is the only all-in-one transcription platform that is industry-tested to meet the needs of Transcription Companies. Import, transcribe, secure, and manage large volumes of data for legal, judicial, law enforcement or insurance-related purposes. Automated workflows and artificial intelligence streamline the creation and distribution of documents.

VIQ End-to-End Solution

NetScribe is powered by human transcription or aiAssist™, VIQ’s unique speech-to-text engine enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI) best suited for each industry environment to achieve a high-quality transcript. NetScribe provides secure access to progressive, single- and multi-channel audio recordings that are quickly transcribed into comprehensive, formatted documents. Each is then delivered to the appropriate resource using proven, industry-standard secure data transfer protocols.

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Improve manual processes and dated tools that hamper the success and growth of your business. Heighten security of data at rest and in transit while decreasing operating costs of multiple systems helps scale.

Transcriptionists / Typists / Managers

Use flexible, customizable priority routing rules, load balancers, content and delivery templates to automate and simplify work pool management. Billing profiles, job costing features, and reporting help you keep track of jobs throughout the workflow.

Advanced Transcription & Monitoring Solution

VIQ Solutions offers comprehensive, end-to-end workflow solutions that will increase efficiency, reduce cost, and simplify access to the verbatim record securely, preserving the value of the spoken word and image, while delivering meaningful information.


Latest Microsoft Azure data security and protocols based on regional and industry requirements protect data at rest and in transit.

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Streamline transcription workflow – manage coverage from increased demand, set up automated workflows that save time, and maintain quality assurance.


Import multiple audio files of any format into one document for transcription, including For The Record TRM files and JAVS OGG files.


Speech formatting and user-friendly features based on industry feedback, latest speech engines and security.


All-in-One transcription platform for organization administration and collaboration, including TAT, exception, reconciliation and transcriber reports.

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Safeguard and streamline your transcription workflow.


Use speech recognition to quickly create draft transcripts.

Translation Services

Written transcription and translation of foreign language recordings and documents.


Manage, share and secure audio and video content pertinent to your case.

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