We've streamlined the documentation process for insurance, legal, and law enforcement clients for over three decades

Insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, and criminal justice institutions rely on transcribed documents. These serve as evidence in investigations, court cases, and insurance claims whenever cases or claims are prosecuted, appealed, audited, or challenged.

The essential nature of these documents makes it imperative that users are confident that those documents are accurate, word-for-word transcriptions formatted to comply with legal requirements and industry specifications. For more than 30 years, VIQ has delivered accurate, verbatim documents in record time to clients in all three industries.

VIQ Transcription Services

High-quality transcriptions, industry-leading turn-around times, and outstanding customer care


A robust, comprehensive transcription workflow management platform.

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VIQ Transcription Services

Learn how VIQ's Transcription Solutions can streamline the documentation process, decrease labor costs, while boosting accuracy and margins for our global client base.