AI Needs a Teacher

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Humans are both impressed by and in fear of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Learn about how it improves the workplace.

The answer to these questions is quite simply, no. AI still has a large human element behind it, a teacher, a mentor, the human being aspect that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. When it comes to using AI in business, it’s crucially important that it interacts with people in a way that’s authentic. And the only way to infuse this human element into AI, is – you guessed it – with humans! If we cut out the human aspect, the technology won’t produce the outcomes that businesses are looking for, like enhanced decision making and accuracy, and maximized efficiency of processes. Without the human aspect, real ROI simply can’t be found in AI. So, in the same way humans learn from experiences, failures,  and from other humans, so does AI.

AI has the ability to make the workplace more human

By integrating AI into offices, the result will be enhancing and changing human skills, rather than substitution or replacement of humans all together.  AI does not automate jobs. It automates certain skills and traits within jobs. Tasks within specific jobs will indeed be altered by AI, in a positive way, leading to greater efficiency and productivity of humans in their day-to-day lives.

AI can help start a task, but a human must carry it over the finish line

As we discussed, the majority of AI work is best done by people and AI working jointly. In the case of many tasks, AI can assist in getting a process started, but it still requires a human to complete the job by verifying the accuracy or providing more context or creating structure to the information generated by AI. The technology of AI will  allow humans to spend more time on substantive work, rather than the portions that are considered “busy work.” It can now become a productivity tool to enrich the ability of humans.

Transcription and AI

For example, transcription services in industries like law enforcement, insurance, courts, media, corporates and political can greatly benefit from AI and Machine Learning.  The demand for transcription in these industries has increased in the past years. AI and ML technologies coupled with human intelligence can streamline operations and intelligent automation to inform better decision making. The human element helps disambiguate audio, by understanding the context, something that AI alone can’t achieve.

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