How to Use VIQ Solutions FirstDraft

FirstDraft - Create transcripts in minutes
Over the past several decades, criminal justice, legal, and insurance industries have turned to digitalization to improve operational efficiency. While transcription has been used for some time, AI-powered transcription offers new and exclusive capabilities for these industries. We recently released FirstDraft, which uses AI to automate the speech-to-text process, increasing the documentation of audio recordings and improving content accessibility for clients worldwide.
What is VIQ Solutions FirstDraft?

Automated transcription services use speech recognition technology to generate transcripts from an audio or video file in minutes. Users can view transcripts online and download to have the ability to make annotations, share the transcript with colleagues, or store the transcript for later reference.

FirstDraft, VIQ’s automated transcription service, offers transcripts in less time and at a lower cost than traditional transcription services, enabling more audio and video files to be transcribed into easily stored and searchable documents.

A simplified workflow that works for you.

FirstDraft was designed for speed and ease of use.

Capture: Whether you use VIQ Solutions MobileMic™ Pro, CapturePro™ or your own recording solution, submitting audio files to FirstDraft is a simple process, that can be done in a matter of minutes.

Automate: Once the recording is received, VIQ’s artificial intelligence platform – aiAssist – uses speech recognition and machine learning to convert the spoken word to text. Tools within aiAssist assess the characteristics of the file and align it with the most effective speech recognition engine for each file type resulting in a highly accurate, formatted and diarized document. VIQ’s security protocols protect your information throughout the workflow.

Review: You will receive a notification that your transcript is ready, and you will be directed to login to the client portal to downloader optionally request the transcript be emailed to you.   

MobileMic Pro is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

  1. Login to MobileMic Pro using your credentials.
  2. For the turnaround time select FirstDraft.
  3. Enter your metadata number.
  4. Click the Record button.
  5. When finished click the Submit button.

VIQ Solutions can help.

Whether you need to dictate notes, share an interview, or easily archive more of your recorded files, automated transcription will improve your productivity. VIQ Solutions’ FirstDraft delivers a cost-effective and secure end-to-end workflow for single speaker or multi-speaker environments when time and accuracy count.

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