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In late 2021, VIQ Solutions acquired Auscript to incorporate industry-leading technology into the transcription workflow to serve customers faster and more effectively.   
After extensive efforts to update processes and presence, the companies are completing their journey to become ONE.  
This change marks a new chapter for the company, which has been providing accurate and reliable court reporting services for over a century. The rebranding effort is more than just a name change. It is a strategic move designed to position VIQ Solutions as a global leader in digital audio/video capture and transcription. With offices in Australia, North America, and Europe, VIQ Solutions is uniquely positioned to provide its clients with world-class transcription services and technology, no matter where they are located. 

VIQ Solutions has integrated innovative technology into their transcription and translation services to meet clients in various industries. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence and automation, our technology is supported by a team of skilled human transcriptionists and exemplary support to ensure that every transcript is accurate and on time. 

The most significant benefit of VIQ Solutions’ rebranding effort is the company’s renewed focus on innovation. With a long history of providing high-quality transcription services, VIQ Solutions is uniquely positioned to drive innovation in digital audio and video capture and transcription. By investing in research and development, the company is working to create new products and services that will help its clients stay ahead of the curve and achieve their business goals. 

Whether you are a law firm in Sydney, a corporation in New York, or a government agency in London, VIQ Solutions has the tools, expertise, and global network to meet your needs and help you succeed. 

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