Court Reporter Shortage – Technology to Fill the Void

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With fewer people joining the profession, and many retiring, the issue is soon to be at the forefront of the court systems.

Digital Capture Helps to Fill in the Gaps

The increasing implementation of digital capture technologies in courtrooms, as well as in legal proceedings, is changing the handling of transcription needs in the courtroom and the discovery process of litigation. Can advancements in technology be used to alleviate the need for the presence of a court reporter? Will digitalized capture solutions help address the court reporting shortage? The answers to both questions are yes.

Looking at Texas as an example, a state who has the second-highest shortage of court reporters, the Supreme Court of Texas updated its Rules Governing the Procedure for Making a Record of Civil and Criminal Court Proceedings to open the door for this new technology. We are entering a time where digital discovery is becoming the norm. These changes can be useful for transcription, not only associated with courtroom proceedings, but it can assist with the growing need to process digital discovery requests and assist in normalizing the utilization of digital evidence. This change is helping to facilitate a method of taking down the record digitally, allowing for new processes for capturing depositions, hearings, independent medical examinations, and other discovery needs.

What does the proliferation of digital recording mean for court proceedings and litigation?

Essentially, the need for individuals to play a court services role, rather than a court reporting role is evolving. The industry will need digitalized solutions and technology, allowing for a more streamlined approach for the capture and management of traditional hearings, depositions, and other court proceedings.

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