Digital Transformation and Law Enforcement

Digital Transformation and Law Enforcement
Over the past several decades, criminal justice and law enforcement agencies have implemented an array of technological advancements.
Is Law Enforcement Making a Digital Shift?

With local and national funding pressures, changing patterns of crime, offenders, and victims; the need for a digitalized approach to law enforcement is clear. We see a changing population of demographics and public priorities along with increasing public demand for a more connected and transparent experience with strategic policing requirements.

However, much remains to be known about the prevalence and utility of technology among the nation’s law enforcement agencies and the factors that influence its selection and implementation.

Digital transformation in Law Enforcement brings clear benefits, including:
  • Enabling faster and more effective response
  • Reduction in crime, reoccurring offenses, and repeat victims
  • Empowered data that may reduce threat, risk, or harm
  • Increased community engagement and satisfaction
  • Improved collaboration across the public safety and criminal justice authorities’ ecosystem
  • Increased percentage of resources allocated to frontline duties
  • Reduction in cost per citizen
  •  Improved victim satisfaction
Expected Increase in Technology Use

According to a recent study by RTI International on the impact of technology on policing strategy in the 21st Century, technology use is expected to increase not only among the largest agencies but across most U.S. LEAs. The technologies expected to increase most sharply were predictive analytics software (15% of all agencies and 22% of large agencies have plans to obtain and use within 2 years), BWCs (15% and 17%, respectively), and in-car electronic ticketing (11% and 38%, respectively). Also notable were the intentions to acquire next-generation 9-1-1 (14% and 11%, respectively) or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, or drones) (7% and 9%, respectively).

We know that the legal industry is quickly turning to technology solutions to aid in virtual bench trials, hearings and depositions. With the pandemic, the legal industry has uncovered the true benefit of technology. Will this encourage Law Enforcement to take the same effective approach digitalization? This remains to be seen.

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