Next Generation Litigation and the Future of Evidence

Lexel Next Generation Litigation
Litigators are increasingly overburdened by a document-intensive process and equipped with inefficient, disparate tools, which significantly delay trial preparation, adds workplace stress, and adversely impacts client experience. In the competitive law firm space, it is paramount to explore impactful digital tools that offer a significant competitive edge; streamlining the litigation process and trial preparation, improving client relationships, and bridging the gap between current law firm operations and next-generation litigation management.

Imagine your current workday in the legal industry as an attorney or a paralegal. You may be overburdened by documentation, tools, interactions, and ever-changing courtroom regulations. Litigation is a document-intensive process that is made more difficult with your documentation stored in paper-based format, disconnected digital systems, shared and local drives, and various digital tools. You continuously struggle to locate the evidence at a moment’s notice for clients, and this lack of organization increases delays in case processing. While there is a plethora of tools, most prove to be inefficient, disparate, single-threaded, and lack efficient collaboration features. Disruptive forces of the COVID-19 pandemic as the new normal further complicates the process. With work-from-home becoming more common, trial preparation and case strategizing can be challenging and non-engaging, prolonging team engagement. Law firms need to rapidly adapt to these challenges to avoid creating a stressful work environment, lower morale, increased client dissatisfaction, and uncertainty due to change. The need for a sufficient level of service will continue to persist as traditional court systems transition to virtual and hybrid courtrooms with integrated technology.

Redefining your workday to create efficiency

The fundamental underpinning of a next generation law firm is technology. Intuitive, easy to use litigation software will transform your approach to case documentation, collaboration, and analysis, allowing your law firm to quickly adapt to the courtroom of the future. Your litigation documentation is stored in a single, cloud-based, dynamic workspace where you can securely organize evidence, testimony, and notes. Your case strategy can originate and evolve in this digital workspace, where evidence is easily searchable and retrievable at a moment’s notice. This digital workspace enables real-time collaboration and remote presentation to simplify organization and access to content. This tool seamlessly integrates with your current eDiscovery platforms and Electronic Legal Management (ELM) providing efficient law firm operation and trial preparation.

The digital collaborative workspace can be a reality with VIQ Solutions Lexel.

Lexel litigation management software equips attorneys with the tools to simplify legal research, digitally prepare testimony, develop case strategy, improve client experience, and gain a significant competitive edge. With Lexel you can transform your practice into an evidence-based, highly collaborative workplace, streamlining tedious tasks that slow down your workflow. 

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