The Race for Transcription Providers to Increase Efficiency: Is AI the secret?

Race for Transcription Providers
All reputable and reliable transcription service providers look to provide accuracy and security while streamlining internal processes. With professionals such as prosecutors, public defenders, private attorneys, insurance adjusters and police departments relying on your services it’s pertinent to have an A+ game plan.

With high-end clients outsourcing their transcription needs to transcription providers, and the demand for accuracy, speed and security, finding a balance internally can be challenging. The documents you work with serve as evidence in investigations, court cases, and insurance claims. The pressure is high. Your transcription and editing team can become overwhelmed and overworked, ultimately leading to burnout and resulting in high turnover.

What if there was a way to effectively streamline transcription workflows and remain secure, accurate and efficient? More and more transcription providers are looking to third party vendor solutions to help them digitize their transcription process.

The ability for transcription providers to breeze through law enforcement interrogations and court depositions is in high demand. With formatting issues arising, producing court ready documents can be a pain, and the process can be tedious. As transcription providers looking to modernize and gain the ability to use technology to transform complex evidence, transcription platform providers are meeting the challenge.

The ideal approach is a combination of robust technology and human expertise to create a collaborative experience that drives speed and efficiency. This modernized approach transcription providers desire would include the use of a cloud-based workflow solution that eliminates the need to download files to the transcriptionist laptop, creating a safe and secure workflow.

Your Transcription Workflows, Accelerated

VIQ Solutions NetScribe™ is the answer. NetScribe is a first of its kind web based transcription platform that incorporates full automation and multiple features and formatting in one. Through workflow automation, administrators can easily oversee and manage their business without spending hours on manual processes.

With NetScribe transcription providers can:

  • Segment and process large files in an automated fashion instead of utilizing the manual processes of the past.
  • Utilize the Q and A mode to quickly transcribe and manage law enforcement interrogations or court depositions.
  • Enable formatting features such as hanging indents, line numbering, and cover pages, to produce court ready documents with ease.

The features and formatting available allow a transcription service provider to save time and money, while improving turnaround times and producing high quality accurate documents.

VIQ Solutions can help your transcriptionist team become more efficient and productive via our secure and reliable digitized solutions. Learn more:

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