Seamlessly Transition from Winscribe to VIQ Digital Dictation

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Discover advanced features and transition to VIQ Digital Dictation for secure, accurate, and cost-effective voice-based documentation.

Are you ready for a smoother, more efficient dictation solution? With Nuance Winscribe nearing its end of life, now is the perfect time to make the transition to VIQ Digital Dictation. Discover how VIQ can help you migrate seamlessly and enhance your documentation workflow with advanced digital dictation technology.

Winscribe End of Life

Winscribe, Nuance’s cloud-based dictation solution, reached its end of life on June 30, 2023, with on-premises support ending later this year. After these dates, Winscribe will no longer receive updates or support.

VIQ offers a comprehensive and future-proof replacement for Winscribe, designed to optimize your dictation workflow with industry-leading features and functionality. With over 25 years of experience, VIQ delivers robust voice-based documentation solutions to companies worldwide.

  • MobileMic Pro™: Record dictations and manage documentation from anywhere with ease.
  • FirstDraft™: Convert speech to highly accurate, searchable text in minutes.
  • NetScribe™: Boost productivity with an all-in-one transcription platform.

Proven technology, accurate documentation.

Our technology has processed over 20 million minutes of recorded, single and multi-speaker, multi-channel audio and video files. With 40 million pages of industry-specific documentation transcribed, we are creating accessible, actionable information.

  • Secure: All data and information are secured while in transit and at rest, and our team is bound to strict confidentiality agreements and protocols. [Security Page]
  • Cost Effective: Our reliable and professional services and solutions offer unmatched value.
  • Simple: Our online portal simplifies the transfer of information and enables you to remain in complete control of your content throughout the entire workflow.
  • Collaborative: Our solutions increase accessibility and create searchable, editable and shareable content.

Two ways to receive high-quality verbatim transcripts.

1. Automated Transcription with Human in the Loop

Our high-quality transcription services combine our advanced aiAssist platform with a team of experienced editors. This hybrid approach ensures secure, cost-effective, and highly accurate transcription of large volumes of audio and visual content, ideal for agencies needing verbatim and diarized transcripts.

2. AI-Powered Transcript Creation

FirstDraft leverages speech recognition to create near real-time transcripts at a lower cost than traditional methods. Clients can choose to self-edit these machine-transcribed documents or have them reviewed by professional human editors. FirstDraft makes content easily accessible and searchable.

Talk to Our Experts

Ready to make the switch? Our dedicated experts are here to help you transition smoothly and securely to VIQ Solutions. Contact us at or contact us to discuss your specific needs and set up the ideal solution.

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