Speech Recognition Technology Streamlines Communication and Improves Efficiency


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and speech recognition technology has revolutionized the way professionals communicate and do business, from courts to corporations and beyond. According to a study, “The state of AI in 2022” by McKinsey, 63% of respondents saw an increase in revenue, with 32% experiencing a decrease in costs across all activities with the adoption of artificial intelligence.

One way AI can help companies is with automated documentation and formatting of important information that is captured. By converting spoken language into written text in near real-time, the technology helps save time and increase the productivity of organizations across the globe. It enables teams to be present, focused on the content of the conversation or presentation, rather than feverishly typing during the event. Professionals can use speech-to-text for notetaking, dictating emails and documents, transcribing meetings, lectures, and interviews, as well as creating captions for videos. It is especially useful for individuals who need to transcribe lengthy recordings or multi-speaker events. Additionally, it can help individuals with disabilities who may have difficulty typing to create a document with ease. Overall, speech-to-text technology saves professionals time and energy, while also improving the quality and accessibility of their work, making it an essential tool for many industries. 

VIQ Solutions is committed to providing cutting-edge technology and services to support industry professionals. Our innovative software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning that is designed to streamline workflows and improve overall performance. When a final verbatim transcript is needed, VIQ recording and transcription experts across the globe provide the solutions and services you need. With VIQ Solutions, professionals can focus on their core tasks, while leaving the time intensive transcription to us.  

Here are some of our recent improvements: 

Advanced Speech Recognition 

Our patented aiAssist™ is the only speech-to-text solution that uses multiple speech engines to provide better speaker identification and word accuracy for specific industries or types of recordings.  

New Dictation Commands 

Voice commands are available to easily format punctuation and paragraphs for single speaker dictation. Twenty-five new global commands streamline documentation and formatting to speed final transcript delivery. 

Customizable Formatting 

Document templates, including speaker labels and timestamps, are created to meet formatting needs for better readability. 

Would you like to experience the improvements for yourself? 

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