The Next Generation of Officer Efficiency, Safety and Productivity

Law enforcement officials, investigators, and patrol officers often juggle documentation and reporting demands while balancing mission critical tasks. The use of antiquated or manual incident report and dictation processes can cause officer fatigue, disrupt police transparency, and create safety risks.  For law enforcement professionals, dictation is a necessary and time-consuming task that is needed to create thorough, timely and accurate reporting of events. With manual paperwork consuming nearly 40% of an officer’s time, the […]

VIQ Solutions Next Generation MobileMic Pro™ Dictation Creates Efficiencies and Success for Law Enforcement Industry

Idaho Police Department completes department wide deployment of VIQ Solutions MobileMic™ Pro Dictation solution. Officer efficiency significantly improved, as less time was spent on dictation and reporting allowing increased time serving the community. As well, the ability to dictate a report immediately, while still in the field, resulted in increased accuracy.

Transcription Services Can Help Improve Law Enforcement Morale

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Law enforcement officials , investigators, officers, and other personnel face a common problem with overwork, fatigue, and stress among the Law Enforcement workforce. Especially now. High stress assignments, continually changing and dangerous environments, extended shifts and overtime result in high levels of fatigue . Often , reporting and administrative tasks are completed after hours, resulting in continuous overtime, which can lead to occupational burnout.

VIQ Solutions Announces Next Generation MobileMic Pro™ Dictation for Law Enforcement, Legal and Insurance Industries

MobileMic Pro

VIQ Solutions MobileMic Pro™ Dictation ensures client smartphones become a mobile capture device creating secure, high quality recordings anywhere, anytime. This CJIS compliant application is available both online and offline for single and multi-speaker recordings and support a variety of workflows in any environment. Read more inside.