VIQ Solutions Successfully Migrates 400 Clients to AI-powered NetScribe™ Transcription Platform Driving Speed and Efficiency Gains of 30%-50%

Migration success leads to global launch of the NetScribe platform to streamline the transcription workflow of private and government organizations.

VIQ Launches CapturePro™ Conference Software Providing Real Time Secure Capture and Management of Evidentiary Content for Virtual Proceedings or Interviews

Innovative secure solution supports confidential content remote capture with optional same day transcript services, creating efficiency and reduced cost.

VIQ Solutions Announces Next Generation MobileMic Pro™ Dictation for Law Enforcement, Legal and Insurance Industries

MobileMic Pro

VIQ Solutions MobileMic Pro™ Dictation ensures client smartphones become a mobile capture device creating secure, high quality recordings anywhere, anytime. This CJIS compliant application is available both online and offline for single and multi-speaker recordings and support a variety of workflows in any environment. Read more inside.