2021 Technology Use Will Lead to Efficiencies in Insurance, Law Enforcement and Legal Industries

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From the legal industry to law enforcement and insurance, 2020 has proved that adopting modern technologies has been necessary to maintain business operations and deliver efficiencies. With the unprecedented effects of Covid-19 on in-person litigation, and the harmful effects of natural disasters increasing insurance claims, 2020 has changed the way many industries do business.

Digital Transformation and Law Enforcement

Over the past several decades, criminal justice and law enforcement agencies have implemented an array of technological advancements to improve operational efficiency and outcomes– especially in times of diminished resources and enhanced public attention on, and scrutiny of, law enforcement activity.

First 2020 Presidential Debate Transcribed by VIQ

It’s a tremendous honor to provide the nation — and indeed the world — with the verbatim transcripts of each Presidential Debate of Campaign 2020. With over 26 years of experience in campaign coverage, we take pride in providing accurate non-partisan political event transcripts in an efficient and expedient manner. Read the transcript here.

VIQ Solutions Successfully Migrates 400 Clients to AI-powered NetScribe™ Transcription Platform Driving Speed and Efficiency Gains of 30%-50%

Migration success leads to global launch of the NetScribe platform to streamline the transcription workflow of private and government organizations.

Streamlining Legal Transcription Workflow with Case Management Systems

The ability to securely request and retrieve legal documentation and prepare it for transcription can be tedious. When working with confidential information and content, such as case documents, simplifying the process to allow for efficient document management is top of mind.

Court Reporter Shortage – Technology to Fill the Void

The number of available certified court reporters nationwide is dwindling. With fewer people joining the profession, and many retiring, the issue is soon to be at the forefront of the court systems. With litigators and officials looking to fill the void and a landscape leaning towards a digital solution, now is the time to take a hard look at alternatives. So, what can be done to fill the void?

Why Verbatim Transcription Matters in the Insurance Industry

Verbatim transcription can be difficult – it seems like it wouldn’t be but in general, people are trained to overlook the small words and phrases that might be deemed unimportant. Phrases such as “you know”, “I mean”, “like”, etc., are often times ignored in transcriptions.  One might assume those individual words don’t amount to much, and don’t provide any detail on a […]

Transcription Services Can Help Improve Law Enforcement Morale

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Law enforcement officials , investigators, officers, and other personnel face a common problem with overwork, fatigue, and stress among the Law Enforcement workforce. Especially now. High stress assignments, continually changing and dangerous environments, extended shifts and overtime result in high levels of fatigue . Often , reporting and administrative tasks are completed after hours, resulting in continuous overtime, which can lead to occupational burnout.

The Key to Data Security in Law Enforcement and Justice

Law Enforcement and Justice, like most Government bodies, are subject to IT compliance requirements. One of the most prevalent is Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy. CJIS is the largest division of the FBI, and comprises several departments, including the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) and the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

VIQ Solutions Awarded CJIS ACE Compliance Seal Providing Secure and Confidential Law Enforcement Solutions

VIQ today announced it received the FBI-approved Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) ACE Readiness Seal from Diverse Computing Inc. for its solution suite supporting onsite and remote workforces. The seal is awarded to agencies and companies demonstrating executive commitment and real-world working knowledge of FBI CJIS Security Policy compliance and its critical importance to law enforcement. Read more.