The Feed Podcast – 105.9 The Region: Interview with CEO Sebastien Paré

The FEED Interview Headshots

VIQ Solutions caught the media’s attention this weekend when CEO Sebastien Pare sat down for an engaging interview with renowned Canadian journalist Ann Rohmer. They delved into the fears surrounding artificial intelligence and discussed VIQ’s remarkable achievements in the ever-evolving AI landscape. Listen to this informative and compelling radio interview now!

Seb emphasizes that AI is no longer exclusive to mega corporations with unlimited resources. This time, things have changed. Access to AI has been democratized, reaching smaller and mid-cap companies that specialize in specific industries, driving widespread adoption.

As AI predictions become more sophisticated, the value of human expertise rises, enhancing productivity. Transcribing multi-speaker content for compliance and journalism is undergoing unprecedented transformations in this AI revolution.

VIQ leverages AI to address real-world challenges, streamline processes, save time and resources, and empower human experts with greater efficiency in global digital asset management, documentation, and compliance. Experience the tangible benefits of ROI with VIQ’s innovative solutions.

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