Tips for Selecting a Dictation and Transcription Solutions Provider

Selecting a Transcription Provider Helpful Tips
VIQ Solutions’ team recently attended LERM, May 27-29 in Nashville, TN. The Law Enforcement Records Management (LERM) Conference is attended by agencies across the country with information managers, technology staff, and executives seeking solutions to modernize and streamline the way law enforcement shares and manages information. At the event, we noted the continued need for dictation and recording solutions. In this blog, we will discuss tips for selecting a dictation provider as witnessed through discussions had at the event.

Tips for Selecting a Dictation and Transcription Solutions Provider

Recording and transcription is not a one-size-fits-all service. The exponential increase in the volume of data captured and the need for accurate reporting and transparency require flexible solutions and service models that support your needs related to security, time, quality and cost. Here are some tips that we shared at the recent LERM event:  


A dictation solution should support encrypted transfers to ensure the security of your recordings and resulting transcripts, along with all data and information both while in transit and at rest. The vendor should have the FBI-approved Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) ACE Readiness Seal for its solution suite and host its solution on a Government Cloud, like that of Microsoft Azure.


Reliability and availability of the dictation solution is also important. The solution should be mobile, with the ability to take recordings anywhere, when you need them, quickly. Successful resolution of cases depends on the recording and documentation of every relevant interaction, formal or informal, in any location and any language.

Quality and Accuracy

The transcription provider should provide a 99% accuracy promise for human based transcription services. Automated transcription accuracy rates may vary, it is important that the solutions offer the ability to securely edit content from your computer. This ensures complete document accuracy for automated transcripts. Having accurate and correct information on record for future use is of the utmost importance when it comes to law enforcement and legal documents.

Timely and Efficient

The vendor should offer several turnaround options to meet your needs based on project size, budget and timeline.  When professional/verbatim transcripts are not necessary, you should have the option to use an automated transcription solution that uses AI, speech-to-text to produce draft transcripts within minutes, alleviating waiting time in circumstances when the report is needed immediately.


Ensure the provider has clearly defined setup fees or, monthly subscription plans, and that the services are non-disruptive to your current staffing or procedural operations. The solution should act as a force multiplier and as a result, allowing sworn personnel more time in the field, rather than the station or officer completing reports and transcripts. In turn, agencies should expect a reduction in overtime and other employee-related expenses due to increased efficiencies.

With all the considerations and choices, the decision can be overwhelming.

VIQ Solutions can help. VIQ’s industry leading mobile solutions and automated transcription services to streamline   investigations have decades of experience and hundreds of active law enforcement and criminal justice clients across the US. We provide a secure, easy to use, integrated workflow solution for law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, creating efficiencies leading to rapid case resolution. Learn more:

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