Transcription company reduces turnaround time and costs with VIQ Solutions

Transcriptionist using NetScribe to type document
“For transcription businesses that need to deliver multi-speaker transcripts to a variety of verticals, the NetScribe technology is the best solution available in the market. The security features, productivity tools, and knowledgeable support are superb.” 

Sterling Garde | President, COO 

Key Benefits 

  • Improved turnaround time (TAT) by 40% with NetScribe™ 
  • Faster production workflow resulting in cost efficiencies 
  • Greater enterprise functionality compared to Trint and Sonix 
  • Increased number of projects handled simultaneously 
  • Better transcriptionist and client satisfaction 


Founded in 1988, Athreon is a business process outsourcing (BPO) and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) company serving the healthcare, law enforcement, legal, business, media, and academic industries. Athreon’s transcription and dictation services utilize a fusion of AI technology, human interpretation and the latest in cybersecurity to deliver sound business solutions that helps their clients make better data-driven decisions. The company’s technologies and services provide a hybrid blend of human expertise that is augmented by innovative AI.  

Athreon’s objective is to measurably improve organizational profitability and performance by delivering solutions that reduce costs, mitigate risk, eliminate inefficiencies and delays, and improve quality and productivity while delivering maximum ROI. Athreon’s customizable solutions encompass dictation, transcription, virtual scribing, speech recognition, system interfaces, mobile apps, analytics, compliance, security risk assessments, security training, dark web scans, breach mitigation, and workflow management.  

The Challenge

Prior to working with VIQ, Athreon employed a hosted transcription tool designed for single-speaker audio recordings for the healthcare industry to facilitate their entire workflow process. With a growing demand of clients with multi-speaker recordings, Athreon explored non-medical, automatic speech recognition options, such as Trint and Sonix, but found that they lacked adequate enterprise-level functionality, such as processing multi-speaker audio files and productivity tools. This resulted in turnaround times that were hours to days or longer, depending on the project’s scale, occasionally causing a backlog. This would frustrate clients and production staff, which caused Athreon to consider VIQ Solutions.  

The Solution

Athreon has almost 30 active users that take advantage of the robust features of VIQ’s all-in-one transcription platform, NetScribe™. Speech-to-text drafts within minutes via aiAssist™, customized job templates, and automated work pool assignments streamline their production process, while lowering costs. Additionally, long audio files can be split and later automatically reassembled so that multiple typists can work on the same job for quicker turnaround times. 

The online portal, NetScribe Connect, allows their clients to easily upload media files, request turnaround time, view transcription progress and download their final transcript without installing any software. Notifications of transcript status and alerts that caution clients if they have already uploaded an audio file are extremely useful. 

Along with features to enhance billing, reporting and quality assurance, NetScribe with NetScribe Connect and aiAssist provides Athreon with a secure, end-to-end transcription solution. 

The Results

Implementing NetScribe with aiAssist, allows Athreon to take on more projects, go live with them faster and finish them in a fraction of the time, compared to their previous transcription solutions. Backed by VIQ’s product management and support, the implementation of NetScribe was a positive experience. NetScribe helps their production team better leverage speech recognition technology for multi-speaker audio files to expedite transcript creation, resulting in 40% faster turnaround times and maintaining high client satisfaction. With the ability to automate and customize important aspects of the production process, the production staff can work more efficiently with less challenges. With continuous updates and prompt support from VIQ, Athreon has found the solution to help them scale as a leader in transcription services. 

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