Transcription Services Can Help Improve Law Enforcement Morale

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Law enforcement officials , investigators, officers, and other personnel face a common problem with overwork, fatigue, and stress among the Law Enforcement workforce. Especially now. High stress assignments, continually changing and dangerous environments, extended shifts and overtime result in high levels of fatigue. Often, reporting and administrative tasks are completed after hours, resulting in continuous overtime, which can lead to occupational burnout.

Many law enforcement agencies require their officers and investigators to work long hours, 10-12 hour shifts, increasing the level of burnout and fatigue. Irregular sleep and eating patterns can lead to physical and mental health issues for law enforcement. Now with added concern due to COVID-19, overall health is top of mind, especially for those on the front line.

In addition to long shift hours being the norm, law enforcement personnel are often expected to complete administrative tasks such as reporting case files, and often, the transcription of the case files, after hours. With an investigative case often resulting in hundreds of typed pages of interviews, notes, evidence documentation, live interview transcriptions and a summary of the cases, this can add extra time, stress and fatigue to an already overworked employee.

In addition to the issues stated above, law enforcement personnel are not transcription experts. It takes much longer for them to complete a transcript, which in turns delays the case, and can compromise the validity of the transcription. Transcription Services can be a great option to alleviate the stress and boost morale.

What is transcription outsourcing?

Outsourced transcription is an external service that accepts dictated recorded files and creates high quality transcripts to your specifications. Outsourced transcription provides a reduction in cost, timely completion of work, and improved accuracy while allowing your officers to reallocate their time to focus on more pertinent tasks and duties.

What types of services are available?

Verbatim transcription and translation services are available for multi-speaker interviews and interrogations as well as jail calls, wire taps, body-worn and in-car video, child forensic interviews and other recordings. Additionally, transcription of single-speaker dictated investigative reports, case notes, interview summaries and patrol reports is available.

What are the benefits of outsourcing transcription?

  • Eliminate all late and backlogged transcription
  • Relieve officers and staff of the transcription duties, while saving money
  • Secure and confidential method for processing sensitive information. 
  • Scalable service, available to handle all your transcription needs, or overflow
  • No contract or long-term commitment 

VIQ Solutions can help reduce burnout and elevate moral of your law enforcement team. Contact us today to learn more.

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