Transforming Transcription: How a Top-Rated Insurance Company Streamlines Operations 

VIQ simplifies our documentation and reporting needs, providing a comprehensive solution for claims processes.

Senior Claims Administrator 

Key Benefits 

  • Faster and more accurate transcription  
  • Reduced expenses from previous rush requests 
  • Eliminates the need for manual typing 
  • Seamless integration and access to critical information 
  • Enables adjusters to focus on critical tasks 


A prominent top 100, A-rated insurance organization dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage to their customers. Their services encompass a wide range of insurance offerings, including property and casualty insurance, worker’s compensation, and special investigative claims (SIU). To efficiently process claims and gather crucial information, they heavily rely on accurate and timely documentation. 

The Challenge  

Before implementing VIQ Solutions, the insurance company’s transcription process for dictations and recorded witness statements was tedious. They previously utilized the services of wordZXpressed, which allowed them to record statements and download audio files. However, the workflow to route these files for transcription required several manual steps. Consequently, they had to review and export the audio to request transcripts, which was time-consuming. Additionally, the turnaround time for transcription requests was three days, unless rush was requested at an additional cost. This had an impact on the overall claims processing efficiency and client satisfaction. 

The Solution 

Once wordZXpressed was acquired by VIQ Solutions, the insurance company migrated to the MobileMic Pro™ app, which allows them to quickly record reports and capture interviews in the field. This offers a workflow that closely mimics their previous system, enabling them to seamlessly integrate the new solution into their existing operations. 

With the VIQ integration, they also can store AI-generated, speech-to-text transcriptions of the audio recordings to streamline the transcription process later. Claims adjusters can quickly access the audio and transcripts through the NetScribe™ Connect portal by searching the claim number and date. By utilizing VIQ’s technology, adjusters can eliminate the need for manual typing, significantly improving productivity. For recorded statements, property and casualty adjusters utilize the mobile app to record audio during field visits. When transcription is required, the audio files are seamlessly sent to an industry-specific speech recognition engine to create the FirstDraft™. With the FirstDraft up to 95% accurate, VIQ’s transcription services can provide faster turnaround times, often within 24 hours, with professional editing.  

The Results 

The implementation of VIQ Solutions brings numerous benefits to the insurance organization, significantly improving their transcription processes and overall operations. 

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity 
The adoption of MobileMic Pro, FirstDraft and VIQ’s transcription services results in substantial improvements in turnaround time and productivity. Adjusters no longer must spend time manually typing reports or reviewing audio files. The streamlined process enables them to focus on more critical tasks, resulting in increased productivity and comprehensive claims processing. 

Cost Savings and Reduced Workload 
VIQ’s transcription service offers significant cost savings. The faster turnaround times eliminate the need for expensive rush requests. Additionally, the automated workflow reduces manual intervention and associated workload for staff. 

Seamless Integration and Excellent Support 
The Senior Claims Administrator reported a positive experience with VIQ Solutions in terms of implementation and ongoing support. The support team provided prompt assistance in setting up new users, ensuring a smooth transition. Additionally, VIQ’s technology staff proved valuable in resolving any technical issues that arose, reinforcing the organization’s confidence in the partnership. 

Organizational Benefits 
The administrator noted several organizational benefits resulting from the implementation of VIQ Solutions. These include the ability to access recordings immediately, improved accuracy of transcriptions, and the convenience of having all drafts stored in the VIQ platform. The availability of recordings and transcripts plays a vital role in enhancing their claims processes and ensuring comprehensive documentation. 

Altogether, VIQ Solutions helps insurance documentation and reporting needs for property and casualty, worker’s compensation, special investigation claims and attorney requests for court cases. The solution simplifies how adjusters capture audio files, send them for transcription, and store comprehensive evidence in the Case Management System. 

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