VIQ Launches CapturePro™ Conference Providing Secure Capture for Virtual Proceedings or Interviews

Innovative secure solution supports confidential content remote capture with optional same day transcript services, creating efficiency and reduced cost.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – April 15, 2020 – VIQ Solutions Inc. (“VIQ” or the “Company”) (TSX Venture Exchange: VQS and OTC Markets: VQSLF), a global provider of secure, AI-driven, digital voice and video capture technology and services, announced today the launch of CapturePro™ Conference, a value-added solution supporting remote hearings for courts and the legal industry.  

CapturePro™ Conference’s timely introduction addresses the COVID-19 crisis that forced in-person court hearings to quickly transfer to video-conferencing tools to conduct essential business. 

CapturePro is a robust and flexible software solution that captures and manages high quality, multi-channel audio and video testimony recordings. CapturePro Conference allows a judge, court reporter, or other legal professionals to capture testimony from a live web-based conference application. Continuous recording is securely captured, managed, and stored in the same manner as testimony obtained in a fixed courtroom. The real time recording allows live annotations and system monitoring and also enables VIQ’s transcription team to create a nearly live transcript. 

VIQ’s proprietary technologies,  CapturePro and NetScribe™, powered by aiAssist™, combined with an experienced transcriptionist team securely capture, manage and transcribe digital audio and other evidence from confidential proceedings. VIQ utilizes secure government level cloud infrastructures with Microsoft Azure and AWS to store protected data while in motion and at rest. VIQ securely monitors and manages, from remote locations, more than 300,000 cases globally per year. 

“Our CapturePro suite of solutions are flexible and easily adapt to changing customer workflow demands. We are pleased to offer this innovation at this critical time to seamlessly integrate with and record content from remote conference calls,” said Malcolm Macallum, VIQ Chief Innovations Officer. “This solution shares the same veracity our clients expect from all our technology.”  

“We are excited to add this new solution to support our clients remote working needs. These times require us to pivot our workflow tools to respond to how our clients need to work, not how we need them to use our technologies,” said Susan Sumner, VIQ Chief Operating Officer. “I am proud we have quickly delivered a secure, innovative solution to keep the court systems functioning at this pivotal time.”  

VIQ has successfully implemented CapturePro in nearly 65,000 courtrooms worldwide for the past 15 years.  As the Court Room of the Future press release stated, VIQ plans to transform the court system further with AI and speech recognition to create preliminary electronic transcripts, or First Drafts, from courtroom audio to help judges search quickly for, and identify, key testimony.  

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