VIQ Solutions Unveils AI-Powered FirstDraft Increasing the Documentation of Audio Recordings and to Improve Content Accessibility for Clients Worldwide

AI-Powered FirstDraft
Accurately converts audio to text enabling an efficient, cost-effective digitization for the billions of recordings captured each year thus expanding the total addressable market.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, March 18, 2021VIQ Solutions Inc. (“VIQ” or the “Company”) (TSX: VQS and OTC Markets: VQSLF), a global provider of secure, AI-driven, digital voice and video capture technology and transcription services, today announced the launch of FirstDraft, powered by aiAssist™, to quickly convert audio files to text providing near real-time access to interviews, testimony, recorded calls, and dictations in a cost-effective manner.

FirstDraft is the next step in delivering the most comprehensive end-to-end workflow for highly complex multi-speaker environments when time and accuracy count. VIQ uses aiAssist to assess the characteristics of an audio file and align it with the most efficient speech recognition engine. This specialized cyber-secure workflow ensures a highly accurate and diarized draft for self-editing or modification by professional editors to be “evidence” ready.

“We estimate only 15 percent of the audio and video content that is captured globally is actually digitized. The ability to provide a fast and affordable solution for recordings that do not require an edited or certified transcript will enable our clients uncover the value inherent within their documentation,” said Susan Sumner, President and Chief Operating Officer, VIQ Solutions. “We know that the requirement for fully edited documentation remains high and now we can offer a complementary service to automate access to all recorded content.”

FirstDraft enables clients to digitize content historically retained as an audio file in many media, law enforcement, insurance, legal, media and court workflows. FirstDraft addresses journalists need for interview text and pre-production coverage for final edit to broadcast. Law enforcement officers using VIQ’s MobileMic Pro app can record notes and interviews in the field and have a transcript waiting for them at the station. Attorneys can review depositions and testimony quickly to pursue additional lines of questioning. Insurance companies can now cost-effectively digitize more of their extensive audio content to improve accessibility.

A vast amount of actionable information is locked in recorded audio files, FirstDraft unlocks insight that was previously inaccessible. Text based transcripts are more effective than audio file to enable analysis to find patterns and prove hypotheses, simplify search and retrieval of specific content and to increase content accessibility for those authorized to view the information. The successful implementation of AI-driven workflows provides access to critical information, further transforming the transcription industry. “Developed with the cooperation of experienced transcription professionals from media, law enforcement, legal and insurance organizations, FirstDraft provides the option of AI to quickly deliver highly accurate text in draft form,” said Elizabeth Vanneste, EVP of Product and Strategy. “Clients can then choose to search, analyze and share the content, self-edit or they may submit files for editing by VIQ’s professional staff.”

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