CapturePro™ Mobile

Capture, transcribe and collaborate on interviews, statements and other speech-to-text tasks on your smartphone.

You need a cost-effective, audio/video recording tool that simplifies transcription of speech to text.

You need CapturePro Mobile.

CapturePro Mobile brings the power of VIQ’s recording and transcription solutions, supported by speech-to-text automation, together as an innovative mobile application for recording and transcription on Android and iOS devices. Capture high-quality digital audio and video recordings, order and receive an automated draft or verbatim transcription services and edit or share your drafts and transcripts securely with your team members all from your mobile device.

CapturePro Mobile is designed with flexibility in mind, making it available to support a variety of workflows, including law enforcement, insurance, law firms, corporate finance, media, and more.Create and manage secure, high-quality recordings, drafts and transcriptions for single and multi-speaker recordings, all within an intuitive application.

Integrated with the MyVIQ web app,  any modifications, highlights, or comments made are seamlessly synchronized, allowing you to collaborate efficiently and speed up delivering your content.

If you need single speaker dictation only, check out MobileMic Pro.

CapturePro Mobile and MyVIQ

Simple, mobile transcription with CapturePro Mobile.

Record and Submit

01 Capture and Upload Recordings

Record audio or video or upload existing recordings in app or MyVIQ online portal.

Let us do the Work

02 Automated Transcription

aiAssist automatically converts audio to a FirstDraft securely, within minutes.

Save and Edit

03 Secure Storage

View status of FirstDraft documents and recordings securely uploaded to the cloud, or export and save to existing systems.

Optional Professional Editing

04 Review and Finalize

Self-edit and share FirstDraft documents in app or MyVIQ online editor. Optionally, route to VIQ ProEdit for at least 99% accurate transcription.

Key Benefits


Simplified workflows for high quality audio/video recording, document creation
and collaboration.


Lower cost, automated FirstDraft™ documents generated using speech-to-text, lessen the burden on budgets.


Record or upload audio and video files to be transcribed by speech-to-text and self-edited, or order verbatim transcripts in app or online.


User-friendly features allow user to self-edit recordings and transcripts, organize files and share/collaborate with your team, seamlessly synced between the app and MyVIQ. 


Cloud hosted and encrypted with strong authentication to ensure protection of data at rest and in transit.

Download CapturePro Mobile

Get the official CapturePro Mobile app on Android and Apple phones and tablets. Please contact us to set up a new account.

Get it on Google Play
Download on the App Store

Law Enforcement

Save time and money with a cost-effective, audio and video recording device for interviews and statements that simplifies transcription of speech, when and where it is needed.

Insurance &
Claims Agencies

Improve closure of cases with mobile solution that quickly records evidence and statements while in the field and has the transcripts ready for review in app or via web application once back in the office.

Law Practices / DAs /
Public Defenders

Reduce overhead and increase business efficiency with all-in-one, cost-effective recording and AI-powered transcription for legal evidence.

Journalists, Reporters & Podcasters

Save hours of time on fieldwork by effortlessly preparing your interview transcript, recording your personal observations, and searching for soundbites in seconds.

Gain Insights from Your Data​

Learn more about how CapturePro Mobile can quickly record and convert audio and video files to text in a timely, cost-effective manner that allows for faster editing and collaboration.

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