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CapturePro can help you securely speed the capture, creation, and management of large volumes of information. It can also preserve and secure the unique value of the spoken word and video image and deliver meaningful data you can use.

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CapturePro™ Conference Solutions Suite

CapturePro™ Conference

Capture audio evidence from a live web-based conference application

With the addition of CapturePro Conference, a judge, court reporter, interviewer or other authorized person can capture audio evidence from a live web-based conference application. This continuous recording is securely captured, managed, and stored in the same manner as evidence obtained in a fixed room. The captured evidence can then be synchronized with other case data maintained in the CapturePro central content management systems should they be part of your installation. The real-time recording allows for live annotations and system monitoring to ensure an accurate record is captured. An automatic FirstDraft transcript can be created using aiAssist for self-editing or sent to VIQ for modification by professional editors.

CapturePro™ On-the-Go

A portable, pre-configured solution for two or more speakers, in-person or on a conference call

With the addition of CapturePro On-the-Go, court authorities and legal professionals can capture audio with a portable pre-configured solution that can accommodate two or more speakers whether in person or on a conference call. This packaged solution provides a simple way to start up the solution—simply connect the included microphones and begin recording. Institutions can benefit from the local capture of digital content with the ability to transfer those recordings to a centralized management platform or to external media if authorized. As always, all data is securely captured, managed, and stored in the same manner as testimony obtained in a fixed courtroom. Simplify your workflow and route your audio files to VIQ Solutions FirstDraft for the creation of a speech recognition draft, with the option to edit on your own, or utilize the VIQ Solutions editing team.

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With tools to securely speed the capture, creation and management of large volumes of information, see how CapturePro™ can streamline your workflow.
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