Automatically convert the spoken word into meaningful text in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Whether it’s a legal proceeding, law enforcement incident, insurance claim, corporate meeting or media event, you have a massive amount of digital recordings that need to be documented in text form.

Automated transcripts in near real time.

FirstDraft, powered by aiAssist™, quickly converts audio files to text to provide access to interviews, testimonies, recorded calls and dictations in a timely, cost-effective manner.

FirstDraft delivers the most comprehensive end-to-end workflow for single and multi-speaker environments where time and accuracy count. Audio files can be captured using MobileMic Pro™ and CapturePro™ or the files can be captured from a third-party solution and directly submitted via NetScribe Connect.

How it works.

Record and Submit
01 Record and submit

Record and submit your audio using MobileMic Pro™ or a 3rd party solution.

Let us do the Work
02 Let us do the work

aiAssist will convert the audio to text in minutes, automatically and securely.

Save and Edit
03 Review and edit

Open the document in Microsoft Word to make edits and save it to your computer or network.

Optional Professional Editing
04 Optional professional editing

Or route the machine-generated transcript to VIQ for professional editing.

With FirstDraft, the file is routed to an industry-specific, speech-to-text engine, powered by aiAssist, for quick delivery of an editable document. Once the transcripts are generated, they can be securely accessed anywhere, which maximizes your efficiency to focus on the tasks that matter most.

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