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Whether you are a law enforcement, insurance or legal professional, you need to create documentation that can provide credible evidence to support your case.

You need to quickly and easily capture and manage incident reports, recorded statements, case notes, and other vital information.

Simple Mobile Audio Recording & Transcription

MobileMic Pro combines VIQ’s innovative smartphone workflow application and desktop software with aiAssist™ so that you can capture high-quality digital recordings anywhere, anytime.  

With VIQ Solutions MobileMic Pro, clients can turn their smartphone into a microphone that allows them to create secure, high-quality recordings anywhere, anytime, for any reason. This CJIS-compliant application is available online and offline for single and multi-speaker recordings.

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Easily Record, Automatically Transcribe

Once captured, the recording can be sent for transcript creation using one of two methods.

  MobileMic Pro, the file is routed to NetScribe™, powered by aiAssist, for timely and accurate transcription services.

  MobileMic Pro & FirstDraft, the file is routed to an industry-specific, speech-to-text engine, powered by aiAssist, for quick delivery of an editable document.

Once the transcripts are generated, they can be securely accessed anywhere, which maximizes your efficiency to focus on the tasks that matter most. 

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Gain Insights from Your Data​

With tools to easily record and automatically transcribe​, learn more about how MobileMic Pro can streamline your workflow.

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