Corporate Finance Transcription

Accurate, verbatim transcription service ensuring the integrity of your business.

Let us deliver the precision and attention to detail you require.

Earnings calls, analyst meetings, conference presentations, research interviews, focus groups, and other hosted meetings are all areas that the spoken word needs to be transcribed. Exchange of knowledge, information, or a discussion in a prearranged meeting with a formal agenda require accurate records maintenance. VIQ Solutions can help with this tedious and time-consuming process.

Transcription and Translation Services

Our team has more than 25 years of experience servicing the range of regulatory and internal needs of Corporate and Financial industry clients. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff provide fast, accurate, secure services that save you time and money.

Maintaining confidentiality is an important issue when it comes to corporate transcription. We know that discussions regarding important internal and sensitive issues are covered by the participants, and the transcription company as well as the transcriptionist must take precautions not to allow any data to be compromised during their handling of the transcript or the audio files.

Our reliable team of transcriptionists are here to help you turn company recordings and marketing media into typo-free written documents that can be used for press releases, board meetings, educational seminars, and more.

In addition to our transcription services, we offer translation services, including simultaneous telephonic interpretation of live events with coverage 24/7/365 in a variety of languages and formats. Our wide range of delivery options ensure a cost within your budget, partnered with a confidential production process.


All data and information is secured while in transit and at rest, and our team is bound to strict confidentiality agreements and protocols.


All transcripts are created by a professional member of our transcription team who is well versed in corporate finance terminology and supported by a quality assurance process.

Cost Savings

Using our services allows you to fill the void in staffing needs. Our reliable and professional transcription services offer unmatched value.


We have a team of highly experienced transcriptionists, with a 97% accuracy promise.


Our secure, online portal simplifies the transfer of information and enables you to remain in complete control of your documents throughout the entire document lifecycle.

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