Criminal Justice Transcription

Reliable and Timely Transcription Services for all Levels of Law Enforcement.

Law Enforcement has a crucial role to serve and protect. Our role is to handle and secure your transcriptions.

VIQ Solutions provides confidential transcription and translation services to hundreds of law enforcement agencies around the world.

Security, confidentiality and chain-of-custody are always top of mind. VIQ, a CJIS Ready organization, utilizes the latest technical, operational and personnel security processes available. We specialize in the transcription and translation of various types of recordings including conversations involving multiple speakers, dictations from a single speaker, and  exchanges conducted in foreign languages.

Get your officers and investigators out from behind their desks and stop paying overtime for them to type reports.

We currently serve hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the country, from small town sheriffs to large, metropolitan public safety departments. Regardless of your needs, our service can be easily integrated with your current workflow.


All data and information are secured while in transit and at rest. We have received the FBI-approved Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) ACE Readiness Seal for its solution suite supporting onsite and remote workforces. The seal was awarded after completing a rigorous audit and evaluation.


All transcripts are created by a professional member of our transcription team who is well versed in legal terminology and supported by a quality assurance process.

Cost Savings

Using our services allows you to fill the void in staffing, having Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice professionals in the field, rather than in the office. Our reliable and professional transcriptions services offer unmatched value.


We have a team of highly experienced transcriptionist, with a 99% accuracy promise.


Our secure, online portal simplifies the transfer of information and enables you to remain in complete control of your documents throughout the entire document lifecycle.

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