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Digital dictation solutions that help organisations securely manage documentation with efficiency and flexibility.

Nuance Winscribe will soon be reaching end of life

Nuance recently announced that their cloud based Winscribe dictation solution will reach end of life on June 30, 2023, with on-premise solutions ending in 2024. Winscribe will no longer be supported or receive software updates. VIQ Solutions can work with you or your preferred partner to help migrate effortlessly.

VIQ Solutions is the recommended replacement to migrate with ease

With advanced functionality and industry-leading speech recognition, VIQ helps companies around the world improve their dictation workflows. With over 25+ years in dictation technology and services, VIQ provides a future-proof solution for voice-based document creation.

MobileMic Pro™

Record dictations and request documentation from anywhere.


Automatically convert speech to highly-accurate, searchable text in minutes.


Accelerate your productivity with an all-in-one transcription platform.

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Why customers are choosing VIQ Solutions to replace Winscribe Digital Dictation

Digital Dictation

Secure, cloud-based solutions that are industry tested and supported

Mobile Recording

User-friendly app simplifies recording and playback of speech


AI-generated transcription of recordings for fast review


Completed transcripts can be easily viewed and shared via an online portal

Professional Editing

Simple ordering of verbatim transcription at cost-efficient rates, when needed


Automate work pools to save time allocating jobs and manage teams with reporting

What our customers are saying

Police Administrative Lieutenant,
MobileMic Pro

“VIQ Solutions enables our officers’ time to be spent and prioritized more effectively. In addition to improving productivity, we also have seen improved quality and accuracy in the dictation and have appreciated the ease of use and total functionality of the solution.”

Partner at Law Firm,

“FirstDraft has been a tool we have come to utilize on a regular basis. It saves us and our clients’ time and money. It is the most cost-effective solution we have found that meets our needs. Additionally, customer service is great if we ever run into any issues or questions.”

Court Transcriptionist,

“Because of VIQ’s help, we have progressed further than I thought we would by now. Courtroom transcription is not like any other type of transcribing, but I think NetScribe can fit courtroom transcribing as best as possible and every district in the state will want it.”

High-Quality Recordings, Anywhere

MobileMic Pro smartphone app enables the capture of high-quality, digital audio recordings quickly and easily. MobileMic Pro can record single and multi-speaker events, whether online or offline. Once the recording is captured, it is automatically sent for transcript creation via NetScribe™, with the option of receiving an AI-generated, speech-to-text draft for simplified review.

Dictation Workflow, Accelerated

NetScribe is a comprehensive transcription platform that delivers cost-effective, high-quality documents while improving efficiencies through automated workflows that streamline the creation and distribution of documents.

Gain Control of Your Transcription Workflow

Ready to see how VIQ can streamline converting the spoken word to valuable, useable content?

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