Navigating Change & Improving Canadian Law Enforcement Transcription 

Key Benefits 

  • Effortless conversion of spoken content to text for faster transcription 
  • Minimizing manual steps with records management system access 
  • Simplified IT management and secure, convenient accessibility 
  • User-focused tools for enhanced transcription and control 
  • Data-driven decision making through real-time reporting 


The police department serves as the primary law enforcement agency for a city situated in Ontario, Canada. The department is dedicated to ensuring public welfare through proactive policing strategies, community engagement, and professional law enforcement practices.  

Founded on the principles of integrity, accountability, and collaboration, the Canadian police department strives to create a secure environment for its diverse population. Officers within the department undergo rigorous training to effectively respond to emergencies, investigate crimes, and address public concerns. By leveraging modern policing techniques and technology, the department enhances its ability to prevent and solve crimes, contributing to a safer community. 

Furthermore, community partnership remains a cornerstone of the department’s commitment to staying current with evolving societal dynamics and adapting its strategies accordingly. By fostering open communication and cooperation with residents, businesses, and local organizations, the department builds trust and mutual understanding. Various community outreach programs, workshops, and events are organized to promote dialogue and strengthen these connections, leading to more effective crime prevention and social initiatives. 

Through a blend of modern policing methods, community involvement, and adaptability, the department strives to create a secure and inclusive environment for all residents of their city. 

In the dynamic landscape of law enforcement, where timely and accurate documentation can mean the difference between justice served and missed opportunities, streamlining operational processes is paramount. In this regard, the police department embarked on a transformative journey to overhaul its transcription process and records management system. Through the adoption of VIQ Solutions, the department not only addressed its challenges but also witnessed a remarkable leap forward in efficiency and effectiveness. 

The Challenge  

Before the inception of their partnership with VIQ Solutions, this police department relied on a Dataworxs transcription tool that had served its purpose well for some time but had its limitations. The existing workflow involved officers dictating their reports, which were then manually typed by internal transcriptionists. This labor-intensive process was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. Furthermore, after transcription, reports were copied and pasted into the Records Management System (RMS), creating additional steps in the already intricate process. 

This process had its inherent challenges. Officers and detectives often found themselves frustrated with the cumbersome workflow that delayed the timely delivery of critical information. The transcription process sometimes lagged, leading to bottlenecks in information dissemination.  

The Solution 

Recognizing the need for a new comprehensive solution that streamlined the entire workflow and the imminent retirement of the Dataworxs product, the police department set out to explore alternatives with VIQ. The goal was to find a solution that not only improved transcription efficiency but also simplified adding transcripts to the records management system. 

VIQ Solutions emerged as the answer to their challenges. With VIQ NetScribe, officers could now dictate their reports and automate the transcription process to their internal team. This eliminates work pool assignment steps and directly integrates the transcriptions into the RMS, dramatically reducing the time and effort required. 

The implementation of VIQ Solutions was marked by meticulous planning and comprehensive training. Audio and video recordings are submitted through NetScribe Connect and seamlessly stored on a secure cloud until ready to be transcribed and uploaded to the RMS. To manage the transcription workload, the department leverages its team of 16 skilled transcriptionists. While they were initially assigned to specific platoons, the collaborative nature of the NetScribe system allows for flexibility. If a certain workload requires additional resources, transcriptionists can easily assist, ensuring that efficiency is maintained across the board. 

A weekly report was established, providing insights into the progress of transcriptions. This allows the department to maintain visibility and accountability, ensuring that transcription tasks were progressing smoothly and without backlog 

An unexpected advantage was discovered when the department started using a new foot pedal. This foot pedal facilitated control over audio playback during transcription. This unforeseen efficiency boost contributed to the overall optimization of the workflow. 

The Results 

The adoption of VIQ Solutions yielded many tangible benefits that transcended mere operational improvements. From an organizational standpoint, the burden on the IT department was significantly reduced. VIQ’s cloud-based solution eliminated the need for extensive software management and backups. The upcoming integration of Single Sign-On (SSO) with Microsoft 365 is an exciting feature that promises further convenience and security, aligning perfectly with the department’s digital strategy. 

A pivotal player in the implementation process highlighted VIQ’s exceptional responsiveness and collaboration. VIQ’s willingness to actively engage and offer solutions truly facilitated the transition. The reports set up by VIQ fill a critical gap that was previously absent from their workflow. Weekly, monthly, and yearly insights into transcription trends empowers the department with data-driven decision-making capabilities. 

As with any transformative journey, the road ahead is marked by continuous evolution. The department remains vigilant to ensure alignment with forecasted metrics. Tracking usage against targets ensures that their investment in NetScribe remains optimized and sustainable.  

The ever-evolving technology landscape and the dynamic nature of law enforcement necessitates an ongoing commitment to improvement. The department envisions a collaborative partnership with VIQ, engaging in dialogue to explore enhancements that will further elevate their workflow and ensure they stay at the forefront of transcription and record management innovation. 

In conclusion, the journey from a convoluted transcription process to a streamlined and efficient workflow with VIQ Solutions stands as a resounding success for this police force. The incorporation of NetScribe, the optimization of transcription resources, and the collaborative partnership with VIQ have collectively led to remarkable improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and data-driven decision-making. This is a testament to the power of embracing technological innovation to enhance the vital work undertaken by law enforcement professionals every day. Through this partnership, the police department has not only overcome challenges but also embraced opportunities for growth, reinforcing their commitment to serving their community with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness. 

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